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Digital Communication Types

There are a variety of processes that ZF can perform in a digital and connected manner with suppliers. These processes can be grouped as supporting Quality, Purchasing, or Logistics & Finance related activities.

To implement any of these processes, you must go through the ZF Onboarding Process.

The below table shows the different types of supplier communication available at ZF, whether they can be achieved through classic EDI, and the name of the corresponding SupplyOn Service.

Click on the hyperlinks within the Communication Type or Service column to learn more about it and view available training and resources.

Function Communication Type or Service Classic EDI supported? SupplyOn Service Based on ZF guidelines
Logistics & Finance Delivery schedules Yes SO WEB-EDI Global Logistics Directive
Purchase orders Yes SO WEB-EDI
Catalogue orders Yes SO WEB-EDI
Consignment stock movements Yes SO WEB-EDI
Credit notes Yes SO WEB-EDI
Invoices Yes SO WEB-EDI
Transport Management Yes SO WEB-EDI
VMI data In exceptions SO WEB-EDI + VMI
Quality / Supplier Management 8D Reports No SO Problem Solver QD 83
Supplier performance data No SO Performance Monitor
APQP project management No SO Project Management
Purchasing Requests for quotations No SO Sourcing Manager
Secure exchange of drawings & norms No SO Document Manager
Normal file exchange/collaboration No SO Collaboration Folders
Certificate- & master-data management No SO Business Directory