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ZF’s Digitalization Strategy is to “digitize all relevant and possible communication types with suppliers”. The goal of the digitization of communication types is to reduce the manual efforts between ZF and suppliers, thereby reducing cost, increasing speed, and decreasing the potential for errors. This page describes how we connect you, our suppliers, into our digital communication processes.


Connection Type

For a communication type to be digitalized, ZF must either establish a direct electronic data interchange (EDI) connection with you (available for some processes) or utilize the strategic SupplyOn portal. Not all digital processes require the use of SupplyOn (see below). Suppliers with existing EDI capabilities can use “classic EDI” to perform some communication types, however, those without EDI capabilities can utilize the web-based applications through SupplyOn. Please note that some digital communication types can only be achieved through SupplyOn. To learn more information, please visit our EDI page.

Regardless of the connection type, the supplier must undergo the Onboarding Process.

Digital Communication Types

To view a list of available communication types that can be implemented through the Onboarding process, please visit the Digital Communication Types page.

Onboarding Process

The ZF Onboarding process begins with ZF selecting a supplier for a particular type of digital communication type, based on business need and supplier classification. The responsible ZF business contact (Logistics, Quality, Finance, Purchasing, Supplier Management) must submit a request to the ZF Onboarding team to establish a connection. The ZF Onboarding team will then contact you to begin the set-up process. If you are interested in digitizing any of the processes described above, please get in touch with your ZF business contact.

The exact connection process may vary, depending on the type of electronic communication being set-up, however all set-ups are managed via the Digital Onboarding Assistant (DOA).

Standard SupplyOn Services

For communication types facilitated by a SupplyOn service the standard process is as follows…

Note: Some services require a one-time connection in order to be utilized for all ZF locations and all supplier connections globally. Other connections are done on a location by location basis, and may need to be done multiple times (e.g. Supplier performance metrics through the SupplyOn Performance Monitor)

Direct EDI Connections

For any logistics and finance communication types that you elect to connect via classic EDI, the standard process is as follows...

Note: All logistics and finance process connections are done on a location by location basis, and may need to be done multiple times, depending on which ZF locations you supply.

For more information on using EDI with ZF, please consult our EDI: Classic and WebEDI site.

Resources for the Process

Digital Onboarding Assistant (DOA)

The Digital Onboarding Assistant, or DOA, is a free online service for ZF Suppliers to manage electronic data exchange onboarding projects. Use of this tool is mandatory for suppliers as part of the ZF Onboarding Process.

Registration for the DOA is a one-time activity

Click here for more details on the DOA application.

ZF EDI Parameters and Message Guidelines

For information regarding ZF’s EDI parameters and message guidelines, please consult You may be asked to provide your EDI information in the DOA during the set-up of certain connections.

If you have general questions regarding this information, please get in touch with our rqv-fhccbeg@ms.pbz .



For questions on the registration process, please contact your respective ZF Buyer or the ZF Onboarding Team.

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