ZF Onboarding Service

Data that is digitally exchanged with ZF and general information

The following table shows all sorts of digital data exchange channels ZF is using. General rule of thumb is: “whenever a certain data transmission is necessary on a regular basis, it must be done digitally”. The necessity is specified by ZF. You also find a complete overview and explanation for all processes in our Purchasing Core Strategy paper.

ZF is using the collaboration platform SupplyOn, and classic direct EDI connections for electronic data exchange. While ZF is bearing costs for their EDI and SupplyOn setups, the suppliers must bear costs for setups and / or SupplyOn service usages on their end (as specified in our Global Logistics Directive). SupplyOn costs vary based on the contract model to be defined with SupplyOn during the registration process but will be max. 420€ per year and service.

Message / Service or Use-Case Classic EDI Supported? SupplyOn Application As defined in Typically Mandatory For
Logistics & Finance Delivery schedules Yes SO WEB-EDI Global Logistics Directive Production material in serial production
Purchase Orders Yes SO WEB-EDI Production material +
non-productive material
Catalogue Orders Yes SO WEB-EDI Non-productive material
Consignment- Stockmovements Yes SO WEB-EDI Production material with consignment
Credit Notes Yes SO WEB-EDI Non-productive material + production material with consignment
ASN Yes SO WEB-EDI Production material in serial production
Invoices Yes SO WEB-EDI Production material in serial production
Transport Management Yes SO WEB-EDI Production material Europe
(specified by ZF logistics)
VMI data In exceptions SO WEB-EDI + VMI Production material with consignment +VMI
Quality 8D Reports No SO Problem Solver QD 83 Mostly production material in serial production
Supplier performance Data No SO Performance Monitor Mostly production material in serial production
APQP Projectmanagement No SO Project Manager Mostly production material in serial production
Purchasing Requests for quotation No SO Sourcing Manager Purchasing Core Strategy Mostly production material
Secure exchange of Drawings & Norms No SO Document Manager Mostly production material
Normal file exchange / collaboration No SO Collaboration Folders Optional
Certificate- & masterdata management No SO Business Directory All Suppliers

How to Get Onboarded to a New EDI-Connection or SupplyOn Service

The ZF Onboarding Service is a central function of the ZF group. We orchestrate all EDI-, IT- and other business departments involved using the ZF Digital Onboarding Assistant application. Important to know is, onboarding can only be requested by a ZF internal source. So, if you are interested in a new EDI connection or SupplyOn usage, get in touch with your ZF business contacts (Logistics, Quality, Finance, Purchasing, Supplier Management). They will post an onboarding request.

Find more information about onboarding for digital data exchange at ZF in our brief overview here. You will find all information about the ZF Digital Onboarding Assistant further down this page.

Necessary Resources You Need During the Onboarding Process

For some data-exchange connections you need special information. During onboarding you will be directed to the following segment if necessary.

ZF EDI Parameters and EDI Message Guidelines

…can be found on www.zf.com/edi. If you have general questions regarding whatever you find there, please get in touch with our rqv-fhccbeg@ms.pbz . During an onboarding process our ZF Oboarding Service or the Digital Onboarding Assistant Contact Form will take your questions and forward to the responsible departments. Or if you don't have access to the DOA application yet, please send an E-Mail to ms-baobneqvat-freivpr@ms.pbz, fhowrpg "QBN Hfreznantrzrag ".

SupplyOn WEB-EDI Basic Setup

Suppliers who cannot support our EDI guidelines (www.zf.com/edi) can use the SupplyOn WEB-EDI service. Once registered you are immediately enabled to exchange all logistic & finance information ZF demands by simply using your internet browser. Moreover, SupplyOn is supporting up- and downloading data as CSV- or standard VDA files.

After you’ve finished your registration for SupplyOn WEB-EDI you or your SupplyOn company admin will need to setup your user accounts to do other initial setups.

Find our SupplyOn WEB-EDI basic settings guide here.

SupplyOn Transport Management (TOMS)

As part of the "Active Transport Management" project, ZF Friedrichshafen AG is converting its current manual transport assignment (by fax, e-mail, forwarding platforms) to electronic transport notification using the SupplyOn Transport Management (TOMS) function.

In the documentation "TOMS Initial Information For Suppliers" you will find more detailed information about the process and you can find training documents and further information are available on our ZF TOMS website

Click here to download the “TOMS Initial Information for Suppliers” document.

SupplyOn TOMS function is part of the SupplyOn WEB-EDI service. Even if you have classic EDI capability, to use the SupplyON TOMS function you must register to SupplyOn WEB-EDI. Read the above “SupplyOn WEB-EDI Basic Setup” paragraph to find necessary setup information.

SupplyOn Document Manager

During onboarding for this SupplyOn service you will be asked to sign and forward a contract for secure document exchange by E-mail to the MS-Baobneqvat-Freivpr@ms.pbz , subject line [Your DUNS or Chinese USCC number] “Document Manager Contract” and as a paper version to:

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Ehlersstraße 50

88038 Friedrichshafen


Attention to: Tobias Springer SEC

Please download the contract here.

Electronic invoicing process

During the onboarding process and the setup of the electronic data connection, please continue to send your invoices by fax / email as before. Our responsible finance department will ask you separately by email to stop sending faxes / emails as soon as your electronic data can be processed productively by ZF.

Notice concerning VAT Requirements:

The agreement relating to the electronic data exchange is concluded with the consent to the transition to the electronic data exchange and the return of the parameter data sheet to ZF. This agreement also constitutes the required consent of the invoice recipient in the meaning of Art. 232 DIR 2006/112/EC. We also refer to the tax memo available with the following hyperlink.

Leaflet for supplier eInvoicing

ZF Digital Onboarding Assistant (DOA)

The Digital Onboarding Assistant (short DOA) is a free-to-use online service for ZF suppliers to manage all onboarding requests and more for digital data exchange with ZF at ease. The DOA is hosted on ZF’s Business Portal. Just register once to create a username and password and you get access.

DOA User Manual

Benefits for The Supplier

The application is for free but to use for every new onboarding process. After a one-time registration you get full access to the application with these features:

Full transparency over your existing data exchange connections and services in their onboarding status in real-time

overview of all your tasks including due date and a list of overdue tasks

online maintenance of your EDI-parameter datasheet

no more E-mail / Fax handling in the onboarding process. An assistant will walk you through the process as easy and intuitive as online shopping

multi-task-handling is supported. You can handle unlimited tasks at a time

multi-legal-entity-handling supported. Several DUNS can be assigned to- and handled by one login

• Easy contact form & ZF Onboarding Hotline for support

How to Get Access to the DOA

Usually you are invited by ZF. If you are interested please send an E-Mail to MS-Baobneqvat-Freivpr@ms.pbz , subject: “Request for DOA Access” and provide the name & address of your location as well as your phone number. Best case name a ZF supplier code or the correct DUNS number for the location according to www.upik.de.

More Information

Please contact MS-Baobneqvat-freivpr@ms.pbz and provide your DUNS / Chinese USCC or ZF supplier ID.