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Digital Business

Electronic Supplier Processes

To support the efficiency, security, and agility of our business processes, ZF has the clear expectation that electronic communication and collaboration with our suppliers be digitized where possible. The following resources will support you in understanding the various digital communication types available, as well as how you can be integrated into the ZF digital landscape.

Watch this overview video to learn more about Digital Business Processes at ZF...

Digital Communication Types

There are a variety of processes that ZF can perform with suppliers in a digital and connected manner. These processes can be grouped as supporting Quality, Purchasing, or Logistics & Finance related activities.

Digital Process Onboarding

In order to establish connections for digital data-exchange and/or collaboration, suppliers need to go through a process called “onboarding”, where the necessary services are set up and tested.

Digital Onboarding Assistant (DOA)

ZF provides a free online application to support suppliers with the set-up of electronic data exchange/communication connections. Use of this tool is mandatory in the ZF Onboarding Process.

SupplyOn – ZF’s Strategic Business Portal

ZF’s strategic business portal for information exchange with our suppliers is SupplyOn, a third-party collaboration and communication platform.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the basis for successful communication between ZF and our suppliers. This can be achieved through either direct classic EDI or the SupplyOn WebEDI solution.


ZF MIC – Supplier Solicitation Portal

MIC (OCS Web) is the ZF tool for requesting information on the preferential and the trade policy origin of suppliers.

Entry Certificate

In order to supply goods tax-free from Germany to another EU Member State, it must be proofed that these supplies have physically arrived in the EU Member State.