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ZF MIC - Supplier Solicitation Portal

Supplying origin information electronically

To make it as efficient and economical as possible for our suppliers to collate relevant export data, we offer them a portal for transferring information on the preferential and the trade policy origin electronically to ZF.

About ZF MIC (OCS Web)

Where goods are distributed internationally, we must hold the necessary proofs of the preferential status of supplied products in the form of (long-term) supplier declarations when exporting goods to states with which the European Union has a preferential trade agreement. Trade policy considerations also require details on the specific country of origin.

The ZF MIC (OCS Web) portal will in future allow this data to be transferred electronically without delay. ZF continues to request the data, albeit no longer as hardcopy, but via e-mail. Following registration, suppliers receive an access link to the system so that they can update their data. The system displays details of all articles available to each specific supplier. After the information has been updated, it is transferred automatically to the responsible ZF customs departments for verification. Once the data content has been checked and released, the data is used for costing-based processing.

ZF offers all European suppliers regularly supplying goods to ZF a connection to the system.


Once verified by the ZF Onboarding Team, existing suppliers only can register to use the ZF MIC portal using the link indicated below.
Please contact your responsible ZF customs team for questions relating to the registration process.

• E-Mail: MS-Baobneqvat-Freivpr@ms.pbz