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EDI: Classic and WebEDI


In order to digitize and streamline communication and data transfer with our supply base, ZF utilizes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The types of electronic communication supported EDI by include:

Advanced Shipping Notifications

Suppliers can provide an electronic notification to ZF that they have shipped against a material release. This information can then provide a clearer picture to ZF of what material can be expected and when.

Delivery Schedules

ZF can provide suppliers with the required delivery date and quantity for the required materials. This then provides the supplier the exact short-term requirements from ZF, as well as demand forecasts to plan production (for longer-term delivery schedules).

Invoicing & Credit Notes

Suppliers can provide electronic invoices to ZF which are then processed by ZF’s Finance department. ZF can also provide electronic credit notes to suppliers for stock movements (in conjunction with Consignment) and purchase orders.

Note: Regardless of whether ZF is exchanging invoice data or credit note data with a supplier, the message format is the same.

Order Information

ZF can provide suppliers with the required delivery date and quantity for the required materials for individual purchase orders.

Stock Movements

ZF can inform a supplier automatically of changes in the level of their consignment stock at ZF, including both consumption and as well as additions through shipment receipts.

Note: This is used only for consignment parts with suppliers that have a valid consignment agreement with ZF.

Types of EDI

There are two types of EDI that can be set-up at ZF: classic EDI and WebEDI (via SupplyOn). Suppliers will choose their desired EDI format during the Onboarding process.

Click on the types below to learn more about each option.

Classic EDI


For suppliers with existing classic EDI capabilities, ZF can establish a direct (or classic) EDI connection between our respective ERP systems. Only certain digital communication types can be set-up with this classic EDI format. For details please consult the chart on the Digital Communication Types page.

Reference Material

The following resources provide you with additional details regarding our EDI connection requirements.

Parameter Data Sheet
The Parameter Data Sheet contains the technical connection-parameters of ZF. Fill in the Parameter Data Sheet for each of your concerned plants and bring this form into the Onboarding process.


ZF's AS2 and OFTP2 certificates.


ZF Plants
A detailed overview of all the ZF plants and their EDI parameters.


EDI Guidelines

ZF's current EDI guidelines in PDF format.



ZF EDIFACT Validator

Send your ZF Global DESADV D.07A test message as .txt attachment by e-mail to NFA.Inyvqngvba@ms.pbz . After a few minutes you will receive a validation report which helps you to improve the quality of your shipping notes.

The subject of that mail must be: format=ZF_DESADV_07A lang=EN


Send your ZF Global INVOIC D.07A test message as .txt attachment via e-mail to VAIBVP.Inyvqngvba@ms.pbz . After a few minutes you will receive a validation report which helps you to improve the quality of your invoice.

The subject of that mail must be: format=ZF_INVOIC_D07A lang=EN

WebEDI (via SupplyOn)


For suppliers who are not technically capable, or who do not wish to utilize a traditional direct EDI connection, SupplyOn WebEDI can be used to electronically transmit and display data/information from the ZF systems.


Document: User manual

Video: WebEDI for Suppliers

Note: You must have a valid SupplyOn account and be logged in to view these materials.


EDI Support Team

If you have technical questions please contact our global EDI Team: