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About SupplyOn

SupplyOn is a third-party B2B-Platform to connect customers and suppliers worldwide and ensure the long-term success of the supply chain. The company was established in 2000 by Bosch, Continental, Schaeffler, and ZF, in cooperation with SAP. They service numerous customers in the automotive, engineering, aerospace, and railway industries.

SupplyOn recreates many of the processes in the supply chain in a digital and automated format, including procurement, quality management, source-to-APQP, and supplier management, to name a few.

SupplyOn is a fee-based subscription service and requires a separate commercial contract between suppliers and SupplyOn.

For more information on SupplyOn, including their services and fee structure, please visit

SupplyOn at ZF

ZF utilizes SupplyOn to facilitate business communication and collaboration with our suppliers. SupplyOn is considered a strategic platform and is a key component to ZF’s Digitalization Strategy.

Electronic supplier communication which cannot be covered by classic EDI are transmitted via the different modules of SupplyOn.

In this diagram you can see the digital supplier processes available with ZF. All of these are supported by SupplyOn, however there are a few processes for which a direct EDI connection can be utilized.

To learn more about some of the key digital processes utilized at ZF please view the individual process pages below...

Registration for SupplyOn

The SupplyOn tools are used to cover processes digitally within an existing supplier relationship. The registration for the usage of a SupplyOn tool has to be initiated by ZF. For questions on the registration process, please contact your respective ZF Buyer.

User Management

Once registration for a SupplyOn tool has been completed, the module will not immediately be visible to the supplier's users. It is imperative for the supplier's SupplyOn administrator to assign the module to the responsible individuals.

For details on how to properly set up and maintain contacts in SupplyOn please consult the following resources:

  • Standard User Administration - how to create a user, assign the required areas of responsibilities (roles), and deactivate an account
  • Advanced User Administration - how to switch to the advanced mode, determine customer responsible persons, change areas of responsibilities (roles), and search & filter