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Sourcing Manager


ZF manages its requests for quotations (RfQs) in a digital format via the SupplyOn Sourcing Manager platform. ZF Buyers can submit RfQs to selected suppliers, who can then return pricing proposals. This process is integrated into ZF’s internal Sourcing Workbench Analysis Tool (SWAT), and the global production material sourcing process.

Hint: Ensuring your company’s master data, including contacts, is up-to-date in the Business Directory, will ensure that the correct people are notified of RFQ opportunities.


Use of the SupplyOn Sourcing Manager provides both ZF and suppliers with a number of benefits...

  • Simple and transparent bid submission
  • Overview of all bids you have submitted to ZF (active and historical)
  • Standardization across ZF divisions, regions, locations
  • Email notifications to be informed to open RFQs



NOTE: You must have a valid SupplyOn account and be logged in to view these materials.




The SupplyOn tools are used to cover processes digitally within an existing supplier relationship. The registration for the usage of a SupplyOn tool has to be initiated by ZF. For questions on the registration process, please contact your respective ZF Buyer.