Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


SupplyOn Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) gives the supplier direct visibility to inventory levels and forecasted production plans to allow them to plan shipments accordingly. This module is used with suppliers participating in consignment.

Features include…

  • Automatic alert functions
  • Color coded status for easy monitoring of inventory levels

NOTE: VMI cannot be done via classic EDI, it requires the use of the SupplyOn VMI application.

The below screenshot shows some of the detail that is provided in the VMI monitor.


Use of the SupplyOn VMI monitor provides both ZF and suppliers with a number of benefits...

  • Insight into the needs and stock levels of ZF
  • Ability to optimize operations and production according to need
  • Significant improvement of supplier delivery performance metrics when stock levels maintained



NOTE: You must have a valid SupplyOn account and be logged in to view these materials.


The SupplyOn tools are used to cover processes electronically within an existing supplier relationship. The registration for the usage of a SupplyOn tool has to be initiated by ZF. For questions on the registration process, please contact your respective ZF Buyer or the ZF Onboarding Team.

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