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Digital Onboarding Assistant (DOA)


The Digital Onboarding Assistant, or DOA, is a free online service for ZF Suppliers to manage electronic data exchange onboarding projects. This tool allows suppliers to see the status of all digital communication types by ZF location, as well as all open and requested tasks. This tool is hosted on the ZF Business Portal, a secure ZF collaboration platform. The use of the Digital Onboarding Assistant is mandatory for suppliers as part of the ZF Onboarding Process.

Overview Screen

My Tasks Screen

Easily see what tasks are in your queue, and for which locations & processes. Identical Tasks are grouped together.


After a one-time registration, you will receive full access to this free application with the following features:

  • Full transparency - see your existing data exchange connections and services, and their real-time onboarding status
  • Overview of all your tasks - including due date and a list of overdue tasks
  • Online maintenance of your EDI-parameter datasheet
  • Digitalized onboarding process – reduction of manual effort and email communications
  • Ability to manage multiple legal entities - Several DUNS can be managed by one login
  • Support - Easy contact form & access to the ZF Hotline


The following training videos explain the Digital Onboarding Assistant in greater detail and show you how you can gain access, manage your users, and utilize the system.


Normally suppliers will be invited by ZF to register for the DOA in advance of the first onboarding activity.

If you are an existing ZF Supplier and are interested in initiating the process, please send an email to MS-Baobneqvat-Freivpr@ms.pbz , subject: “Request for DOA Access”. Provide the name & address of your location, as well as your phone number. It is preferred that you provide your ZF supplier code or the correct DUNS number for your location according to