The core purchasing strategy contains important elements of the partnership. ZF wants to change over from single sourcing to strategic partnerships, from parts suppliers to system suppliers, from local suppliers to global suppliers. The company also wants to implement supply chain management. In the future, these factors will form the basis partnerships with suppliers.

Purchasing Program

The ZF purchasing program includes steel forming parts/gear parts, aluminum cast and molded parts, turned parts, iron casting (gray iron and ductile cast iron blanks and machined parts), sintered and sinter-forged parts (gray iron and ductile cast iron blanks and machined parts), roller bearings and supplies, stamped and presswork parts, complete assemblies, gaskets, connecting elements, and plastic/rubber parts.

Conditions of Purchase

Here you will find important documents for the purchasing process.

Sustainability Through Diversity

Our program is designed to identify and provide quote opportunities to high-potential, diverse suppliers that can meet ZF North America Inc. requirements in the areas of cost, quality, delivery and service.

Quality and Delivery Performance

For the assessment of the supplier performance, ZF uses the key figure “delivery performance” and the Q-KPIs (Quality Key Performance Indicators) "PPM complaint rate" and "number of complaints”.

Environmental Management

Sustained environmental protection extends beyond the boundaries of ZF.