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How ZF Thinks and Acts Sustainably

Sustainability is an integral part of ZF Group strategy. Its targets include complete climate neutrality by 2040. However, sustainability means far more to us than climate protection. In addition to climate and nature, we focus on the dimensions of people and lasting values.

ZF's Sustainability Strategy

We act resolutely for climate and nature, people and lasting values. We bundle our global sustainability activities under the motto Acting now. Sustainability@ZF.

Acting for Climate and Nature

  • Climate action
  • Sustainable and circular products
    and operations

Acting for all People

  • Employee development and diversity
  • Keeping ​people safe
  • Human Rights and working conditions

Acting for Lasting Values

  • Responsible behavior across ​the business
  • Long-term ​value creation ​and resilience

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are political targets that serve sustainable development worldwide on an economic, social and ecological level. ZF has identified eight of these targets to which the company is able to make a relevant contribution. This means either through minimizing consequences or by developing new technical solutions with positive effects. Our focus is on climate and nature, people and lasting values.

Annual Report 2021: Sustainability

In the Annual Report, you will find important data and facts about sustainability.After the ZF Sustainability Report was published as a separate report in previous years, it is now part of the ZF Annual Report for the reporting year 2021. The report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI standards: Core option. The GRI content index is available for download here.

Interview with Chief Human Resources Officer Sabine Jaskula

„Our actions and our resolute approach are decisive“

Acting sustainably means first and foremost taking responsibility. Sustainability is an integral part of the ZF Group’s “Next Generation Mobility” strategy. Chief Human Resources Officer Sabine Jaskula explains how ZF will establish this as a USP.

Ms. Jaskula, establishing sustainability as a unique selling proposition is going to be complicated, not least because it’s on virtually everybody’s agenda. Can ZF stand out clearly from its rivals with this approach?
"Absolutely – thanks to our clear objectives, ambitious timetable and resolute action. ZF has been committed to sustainability in many areas for a long time. We believe firmly that our actions and our resolute approach are decisive for future generations, for our planet and, of course, for our success as a company. ZF employees, our customers and partners, the public and the government clearly expect us to act now. In order to reflect our determination, we called our sustainability approach Acting now. Sustainability@ZF.
To integrate this topic even more into the company’s DNA, ZF launched a sustainability campaign under this banner. It aims to further raise awareness of sustainability in the company and inspire each and every employee to contribute to sustainability at ZF. The ZF Way principles essentially underpin all of this."
Sabine Jaskula Member of the Board of Management, responsible for sustainability
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What about sustainability activities aimed at “people” and ZF’s social responsibility?
"Respect for human rights has always been hugely important to us. Incidentally, it was one of the reasons we signed up to the UN Global Compact in 2012. We respect everyone involved in the value-added process. We believe that diversity, equal opportunities, inclusion and equal rights are core values that we embrace passionately in tune with the ZF Way. Just as we do when it comes to the involvement and development of our employees. ZF adheres to the highest standards of health and safety at work and we are committed to good working conditions and fair pay – not just at ZF but along the value-added chain. In other words, we are actively accountable for everyone in the ZF community as a whole. In our experience, this aspect of sustainability, dealing with people, is increasingly important in ZF’s attractiveness as an employer."
The third aspect in your sustainability strategy is “Acting for lasting values” – how important is this topic for ZF’s market positioning?
"Tremendously important. For ZF, sustainability not only means complying with standards and regulations. For us, sustainability also means that we are and will remain a reliable, ethical business partner. It also means that where we’re not good enough at present, we are going to create efficient, robust structures and continually improve. In addition, we’re constantly striving to increase transparency and engage in regular dialog with our stakeholders. Consistent values that we create through our focus on sustainability are essential for future generations and will allow us to shape the mobility of the future."
"We are actively accountable for everyone in the ZF community as a whole."
Sabine Jaskula, Chief Human Resources Officer

Sustainability worldwide

As a globally active technology company, we take on responsibility along our entire value chain – for our employees and our locations, as well as in our supply chain and for our products. Thanks to intensive and focused investment in research and development, ZF promotes the topic of sustainable mobility in general.

It’s About Community

In 2021, ZF successfully pursued the ZF Way. At a time in which the pace of change is increasing sharply, the Group-wide, long-term program provides orientation for ZF employees as they journey together towards the future.

Diversity & Inclusion

At ZF we believe that diversity and inclusion enhance our creativity, increase our innovational power, and are key to business success. We welcome all different kinds of people to our teams around the globe and offer equal opportunities in a diverse working environment.

ZF Strategy: Next Generation Mobility

With our corporate strategy “Next Generation Mobility”, we are developing holistic solutions to address these challenges – today and in future.

Sustainable Finance

Our commitment towards sustainability is anchored in ZF’s strategy, with climate neutrality by 2040 being one of the strategic KPIs. Investors can participate in ZF's sustainability strategy and contribute to a lower-emission and more climate-friendly economy.

Further Information

EU OSHA Health Workplaces

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is an official campaign partner of the EU OSHAS Health Workplaces Campaign "Lighten the Load".

Human Rights in the Supply Chain

Declaration of Principles Concerning the Respect of Human Rights: The respect of dignity and personal rights of every individual are the utmost priority for ZF.