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Acting now. Sustainability@ZF Acting now. Sustainability@ZF

Acting now.


How ZF Thinks and Acts Sustainably

Sustainability is an integral part of ZF Group strategy. Its targets include complete climate neutrality by 2040. However, sustainability means far more to us than climate protection. In addition to climate and nature, we focus on the dimensions of people and lasting values.

ZF's Sustainability Strategy

We act resolutely for climate and nature, people and lasting values. We bundle our global sustainability activities under the motto Acting now. Sustainability@ZF.

Climate and Nature

  • Climate action
  • Sustainable and circular products
    and operations


  • Employee development and diversity
  • Keeping ​people safe
  • Human Rights and working conditions

Lasting Values

  • Responsible behavior across ​the business
  • Long-term ​value creation ​and resilience

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has defined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are political targets that serve sustainable development worldwide on an economic, social and ecological level. ZF has identified eight of these targets to which the company is able to make a relevant contribution. This means either through minimizing consequences or by developing new technical solutions with positive effects. Our focus is on climate and nature, people and lasting values.

Annual Report 2023: Sustainability

In the annual report, you will find important data and facts about sustainability. The ZF Sustainability Report is part of the annual report.

The sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI standards (Core option) and the TCFD standards.

Sustainability Worldwide

As a globally active technology company, we take on responsibility along our entire value chain – for our employees and our locations, as well as in our supply chain and for our products. Thanks to intensive and focused investment in research and development, ZF promotes the topic of sustainable mobility in general.

It’s About Community

At a time in which the pace of change is increasing sharply, the ZF Way provides orientation for employees as they journey together towards the future.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion enhance our creativity, increase our innovational power, and are key to business success. We offer equal opportunities in a diverse working environment.

Social Commitment

The association "ZF hilft e.V." collects donations of employees and customers for sustainable relief projects worldwide. The donation income comes to 100% with the projects.

ZF Strategy

Our mission for clean and safe mobility – automated, convenient and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

Sustainable Finance

Investors can participate in ZF's sustainability strategy and contribute to a lower-emission and more climate-friendly economy.


ZF has gained trust of its customers thanks to its responsible corporate management, compliance, and its outstanding performance. The aim is to maintain this high esteem.