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Acting for Lasting Values Acting for Lasting Values
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Acting for Lasting Values


We Strictly Adhere to Applicable National and International Laws and to Internationally Recognized Standards.

Because we think and act sustainably, we create lasting values for future generations. To us, sustainability also means not only being a reliable, ethically acting business partner but also ensuring this for the future. That is why we create high-performance and resilient structures. We continuously improve, increase transparency, and regularly engage with our stakeholders. We strictly adhere to applicable national and international laws and to internationally recognized standards.

Responsible Behavior Across the Business

For ZF, sustainability does not end with the effort to act for climate and nature within the company, to focus on the needs of people in all their diversity, and to ensure the creation of lasting values. The ZF management also considers it their duty to extend all these activities to their business partners as well.

Sustainable Corporate Governance

ZF has earned the recognition and trust of its customers through responsible corporate governance and impressive products and services. Our goal is not only to maintain this customer appreciation and satisfaction but also to increase it.

At ZF, the principles of sustainable corporate governance are firmly anchored in internal guidelines. On the one hand, they are a core component of individual behavior, and on the other hand, they are a central aspect of corporate action in daily decision-making processes. We know that sustainability cannot simply be imposed from above, but that the entire organization needs to act from conviction.

Guidance is provided by guidelines such as our internal Principles of Social Responsibility at ZF, the Environmental Policy, the Declaration of Principles Concerning the Respect of Human Rights, the Code of Conduct for Employees and the Business Partner Code of Conduct. Employees and external partners can anonymously report anomalies and information about processes that may not be in line with our guidelines via the whistleblowing system ZF Trustline.

Responsibility in the Supply Chain

For ZF, respect for human rights is a fundamental aspect of responsible corporate governance and thus a core element of our sustainability strategy. The human rights due diligence approach is firmly anchored in the compliance system.

To ensure responsible procurement and to safeguard that our values apply along the entire value chain, the Group has formulated uniform procurement standards and specifications for our suppliers worldwide. A cross-functional Sourcing Decision Board (SDB) has also been created. It is the highest decision-making body for procurement at ZF and ensures that ecological, social, qualitative, technical, logistical, and price requirements are met equally when selecting a supplier. Conflicting objectives are also resolved within the SDB.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct underpins ZF’s principles of business behavior.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Prevent risks jointly with business partners and maintain the trust of customers.

Long-Term Value Creation and Resilience

The definition and regulation of clear roles and responsibilities in addition to a Group-wide standardized risk management process are formulated in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Sustainable financing is a win-win situation for everyone: ZF can thus more easily pursue its transformation toward “Next Generation Mobility” and its sustainability strategy, financiers are given the opportunity of interesting green investments, and society benefits from clean, sustainable mobility solutions. With the ZF Green Finance Framework, ZF has defined principles for using green financing instruments.

Towards a Holistic Balance Sheet

Sustainable action makes an important contribution to safeguarding the future for companies. ZF not only works on this within the current legal obligations, but is also committed to make sustainability visible in its balance sheet. Jochen Berner, Head of Sustainability Strategy at ZF Group explains why.

Over the course of its more than 100-year history, ZF has developed a unique corporate culture. It is characterized by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders and has always been strongly innovation-oriented. We call this culture the ZF Way. It shows where the company comes from and where it is heading. This is even more important at a time when change within the mobility industry is more fundamental and faster than ever before.

The principles of the ZF Way describe how cooperation and leadership are formed within the Group. They provide the framework for successfully implementing the corporate strategy. The five equally important principles are passion, foresight, diversity, empowerment, and responsibility.

Acting for lasting values

ZF Strategy

Our mission for clean and safe mobility – automated, convenient and affordable for everyone, everywhere.

It’s About Community

At a time in which the pace of change is increasing sharply, the Group-wide, the ZF Way provides orientation for employees as they journey together towards the future.

Sustainable Finance

Investors can participate in ZF's sustainability strategy and contribute to a lower-emission and more climate-friendly economy.


ZF has gained the trust of its customers thanks to its responsible corporate management, compliance, and its outstanding products and services. The aim is to maintain this high esteem in the future too.

Annual Report 2023: Sustainability

In the annual report, you will find important data and facts about sustainability. The ZF Sustainability Report is part of the annual report.

The sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI standards (Core option) and the TCFD standards.