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Miraculous transformation Miraculous transformation

Miraculous Transformation

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Remanufacturing is a sustainable alternative to new production. A visit to the Czech location of Frýdlant exemplifies how ZF is giving a second life to different safety technology products through remanufacturing of used products.
Frank Thoma,
Frank Thoma has been corporate editor at ZF since 2011. With a degree in journalism, he has been planning, writing and editing articles for all of the company’s internal, external media.
Frýdlant is a tranquil town of 8,000 inhabitants in the northern Czech Republic. ZF has a remanufacturing plant here. Since 1999 its employees have been reworking on a wide variety of automotive safety technology products on 20,000 square meters. In contrast to conventional repair of individual products in workshops, remanufacturing is reconditioning of high-quality components on an industrial scale. It may differ from a new part in terms of price but not in quality. The ecological footprint is also good: compared to newly manufactured products, remanufacturing requires between 50 and 90 percent less raw materials and only about 1/10th the energy.

The remanufacturing portfolio in Frýdlant includes brake calipers for passenger as well as commercial vehicles, mechanical, hydraulic and electric passenger car steering systems, commercial vehicle steering systems, vane pumps, electrohydraulic steering system pumps, and mechatronic and electronic components. New products are added almost every year.
Join us on a tour of the remanufacturing plant.
Remanufacturing at Frýdlant