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GlobalTechnologiesMobilizing Commercial Vehicle Intelligence. NOW.
Mobilizing Commercial Vehicles Intelligence. NOW. Mobilizing Commercial Vehicles Intelligence. NOW.

Mobilizing Commercial Vehicle Intelligence. NOW.

ZF at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover

Innovative Solutions for Commercial Vehicles in Logistics and Public Transport.

Intelligent, safe, sustainable.

ZF mobilizes commercial vehicle intelligence. We do not limit ourselves to the truck. Trailers are playing a critical role as temporary warehouses in networked freight transport. Thus, ZF’s advanced integration expertise goes one step further: with the intelligent connection between truck and trailer and their integration into overarching fleet management systems, ZF is meeting the industry’s challenges with electrified, automated and digitalized solutions. NOW.

Discover how ZF empowers OEMs and fleets for the future: with innovative electrification systems, automated depot applications and intelligent connectivity solutions.

Video Interview with Dr. Christian Brenneke, Senior Vice President Research & Development and Systems Solutions with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division.
Discussing the unprecedented challenges and opportunities facing the commercial vehicle industry, Dr. Brenneke outlines how ZF is addressing these challenges. At the vanguard of the industry’s autonomous, connected and electrified transformation, ZF is delivering safer, sustainable transportation and smart fleet operations.

Press Kit ZF at IAA Transportation 2022

ZF, the largest supplier with the broadest portfolio to the commercial vehicle industry, unveils a selection of its latest innovations and technology advances at the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover, Germany. The Group's extensive portfolio of integrated system solutions enables next level safety, efficiency and sustainability standards for truck-trailer combinations world-wide.

Sustainable Transportation. NOW.

Electric Mobility and Vehicle Efficiency

Cost-effectiveness and sustainability do not have to be contrasts. Lower fuel consumption thanks to efficient transmissions, hybrid or electric drives, longer life cycles of components and systems, a global service network with remanufacturing expertise – these approaches and solutions from ZF do not only reduce operating costs for OEMs and fleet operators. They also reduce emissions from both goods logistics and passenger transport, save raw materials and are thus a real advantage for the environment. ZF is also embarking on new paths here: In the truck sector, ZF is also involved in international joint projects such as Aeroflex. With regard to urban passenger transport, ZF is establishing itself as an overall supplier of autonomous, all-electric shuttle solutions.

Electric Central Drive CeTrax 2

CeTrax 2 is ZF's integrated and modular electric central drive for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. It is designed to seamlessly package within the space of the transmission of an ICE vehicle.

Electric Power Take-Off System eWorX

The innovative and fully electrified power take-off system comes as a standardized, modular and intelligent plug-and-work one-box-solution to drive a broad range of work equipment such as hook lifters, skip loaders or loading cranes installed on electric commercial vehicles.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

EPS serves as a cornerstone technology for the CV industry’s transformation towards electrification, while providing a building block for next generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, supporting the industry’s ambitions towards autonomous driving.


ZF’s eTrailer is a semitrailer with integrated electric motor. The prototype can convert every conventional truck it is coupled with into a hybrid vehicle. This brings numerous advantages - not only in terms of CO₂ emissions.

Electric Power Take-Off System: eWorX

When it comes to electrifying commercial vehicles, the focus will not only be on the driveline, but also on the Power Take-Off System.

Safe Transportation. NOW.

Automated Driving and Integrated Safety

Worldwide, logistics transport volumes are growing. Where many commercial vehicles are used to maintain important supply chains, the demands of forwarding companies and other road users for active and passive safety are also growing. Legislators are also increasingly stipulating assistance systems that support drivers and provide added safety. One example is the General Safety Regulation (GSR), which came into force in the EU in 2022. ZF combines precise environmental sensors, powerful control units as well as AI and proven actuators in the chassis, steering and driveline to form state-of-the-art, automated driver assistance systems. These automatic aids also relieve stress for professional drivers, facilitate their on-boarding and make the profession more attractive. All this avoids accidents, reduces possible associated consequences and puts human well-being at the center of attention.

Autonomous Commercial Transportation System Solutions

ZF has future-ready automation technologies. This includes ZF's innovative next generation Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology (ADOPT) automated chassis control solution. The advanced platform bridges autonomous vehicles’ virtual driver software with its actuation systems.


ADOPT (Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology) is a software platform for commercial vehicles that supports autonomous driving. It takes AI-based data and converts it immediately and precisely into instructions for the actuators.

Public Transport in Change

Traditional public transportation is changing and expanding. Our autonomous transport system offers a concept to ease the pressure on urban districts and connect rural areas more conveniently. A network of electrically powered, driverless shuttles with on-demand scheduling and a seamless connection to other public transport systems such as buses and trains represents a true alternative to privately owned cars.

EU’s General Safety Regulation (GSR)

On the road to “Vision Zero”: What the GSR means for commercial vehicles – and how safety technologies by ZF help OEMs to get there.


The next generation of ZF’s most advanced autonomous emergency braking system.

Smart Fleet Operations. NOW.

Connected Digital Services

Punctuality. Reliability. Cost-effectiveness. Keeping these requirements balanced is not easy for fleet managers at times of booming e-commerce. With cloud-based solutions for predictive maintenance, logistics planning and more, ZF offers fleet operators the support they need in times of volatile order books. Connected solutions also reduce the volume of emissions in logistics, since drives can be utilized better and condition monitoring – for example of the tire air pressure – supports efficient driving. For this reason, ZF sees digital and connected services as being the basis for shaping the mobility of the future.

ZF's new digital Fleet Orchestration Platform SCALAR

SCALAR is a digital solution that automatically optimizes planning, routing, dispatching, field service management and more for fleets to make sure they send the right vehicle, at the right time and to the right place. ZF expert Hjalmar Van Raemdonck explains how it works.

Mobility Service Orchestration Solution​

Send the right vehicle to the right place at the right time.​

SCALAR - Orchestrating Road Transport

Orchestrating Road Transport

ZF takes Fleet Management to the Next Level with Orchestration

Hjamlar van Raemdonck, Head of Digital Systems Solutions at ZF, explains which factors will be crucial for success in the future.

Product World Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Commercial Vehicle Solutions

ZF provides the capability to shape the future of commercial transportation systems. Our technologies and services for commercial vehicles and fleets make them more efficient, safe, connected, intelligent and automated wherever they operate. We partner with customers to introduce integrated and innovative solutions that positively impact the commercial vehicle's lifecycle, from cradle to grave.