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The electric drive lies at the heart of every battery electric vehicle.
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Technologies by ZF for Passenger Cars

ZF's product portfolio includes innovative driveline and chassis technology for passenger cars with conventional driveline as well as for hybrid and electric vehicles. In addition, ZF offers both components and systems for active and passive safety technology. ZF is shaping the future of mobility with its unique expertise in four technology fields: Autonomous Driving, Electromobility, Integrated Safety, and Vehicle Motion Control. Knowledge of digitalization and software forms the bracket for ZF's four technology domains.

Vehicle Motion Control

The chassis plays a major role in ensuring safety, comfort and efficiency of a vehicle.

Electric Mobility

Why we need electric mobility and which role plug-in hybrid drives play at the mobility of today and tomorrow. This and more information around electric cars and electrification is answered here.

ZF eDrive

The electric drive lies at the heart of every battery electric vehicle. Find out what you should know about the components of the ZF eDrive platform for passenger cars.

Autonomous Driving

From technology and testing through to the future: We provide you with an overview of automated and autonomous driving of cars and other vehicles.

Digitalization and Software

Digitalization is all about integrating and interconnecting artificial intelligence into more and more products, and also endowning it with the capacity to learn. ZF is quickly becoming one of the trailblazers that is revolutionizing mobility.

Integrated Safety

Helping to prevent traffic accidents or at least mitigating their severity are goals that ZF is pursuing with the most comprehensive safety technology portfolio in the supplier industry.

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Technology Domains

Classic Cars & Heritage

ZF has a history of over 100 years. During this time, countless vehicles from different customers were equipped with innovative ZF products. Stories about classic cars, modern classics, and what you need to know about the products.


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