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The long-awaited move is finally over and the company’s 650 employees are settling in. The building represents a new and promising chapter in the company’s history, and is located not far from the place where it all started one hundred years ago.

Situated on the newly paved Löwentaler Straße, the modern six-story building is an impressive addition to the city’s already diverse architecture. This part of Friedrichshafen, where the city’s old freight terminal used to be, has undergone a major facelift. With its open design and 30,000 square meters of floor space, the ZF Forum is much more than a corporate headquarters. It houses an exhibition area where visitors can learn about ZF’s past and present while also enjoying a sneek peek into future trends.

The ZF Forum building embodies a new and unique corporate headquarters concept. In addition to its modern office spaces, the building brings together other functions that make it both an open house and a home to science, learning and technology, all under one roof. The training and conference rooms of the ZF Forum as well as the workshop hall of ZF Technical Training demonstrate the great value that the company places on the qualifications and skills of its employees and business partners. And finally, ZF firmly promotes MINT education and training for young people in the region’s schools and on site through the “Knowledge Workshop” branch as well as the Südwürttemberg student research program.

In lockstep with the building’s modern architecture, ZF has also adapted the new “Office Concept 3.0” which has been introduced for the first time at ZF for its 650 corporate headquarter employees. Technologies for digital office work will enable virtual communication throughout the global company and will facilitate team and project work across locations. The new concept demands mobile and independent work which will ensure greater satisfaction and efficiency among employees.

After the grand opening celebration of the ZF Forum residents in and around the region and visitors from afar have the opportunity to take a tour of the ZF Forum.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the exhibition is currently closed to the public. We will inform you at this point as soon as a visit is possible again.

ZF Forum officially opened on November 16, 2016

Exhibition: Experience innovation

During your tour through the multimedia exhibition you will discover that we come into contact with ZF innovations virtually every day.

Art and technology in the ZF Forum

Student Research Center

The Friedrichshafen Student Research Center (SFZ) move its new lab and experiment rooms into the first floor of the ZF Forum.

Knowledge Workshop

The “Wissenswerkstatt” (Knowledge Workshop) was jointly founded by the City of Friedrichshafen, ZF and the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (Association of German Engineers, or VDI) in 2009 and will open a new branch in the ZF Forum.

ZF Art Foundation

Along with ZF’s corporate headquarters, the ZF Art Foundation was formerly housed in the Research & Development Center. But now that the ZF Forum is finished, the Art Foundation has also found a new home there.