see. think. act.
Technology from ZF in Automotive and Industrial Applications Technology from ZF in Automotive and Industrial Applications


How ZF will shape the future of mobility

On the Way to "Next Generation Mobility"

With a broad and unique product portfolio, ZF offers system solutions that enable vehicles to see, think and act. This makes driving safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Through intensive research, ZF develops innovative solutions in four future-oriented fields. Digitalization is the connecting element.

Technology Domains

ZF is investing in four technology fields that are particularly promising for the future, as they each make a major contribution to the mobility of tomorrow. These fields are automated driving, electromobility, vehicle motion control and integrated safety. ZF consistently relies on digitalization and software to create new opportunities for its products as well to improve its processes within the company.

Innovative Solutions

The Future of Mobility. Now.

ZF believes Next Generation Mobility is no longer a distant vision, but a tangible goal within our grasp. Now.

Mobilizing Commercial Vehicle Intelligence

Intelligent, safe, sustainable: Innovative solutions for commercial vehicles in logistics and public transport.

Mobility and Connectivity Solutions

ZF offers a wide range of connectivity and mobility solutions for the Next Generation Mobility.

ZF Ventures

ZF Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital entity of ZF. We generate strategic value by combining ZF's extensive know-how, capabilities & resources with cutting-edge technology & business model innovations from the startup ecosystem.