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ConnectivityHardwareHeavy Duty TAG > the wireless sensor

Heavy Duty TAG > the wireless sensor

The wireless sensor Heavy Duty TAG
Heavy Duty TAG forms the basis of the infrastructure and driveline monitoring system
The IDM system for DMU includes Heavy Duty TAG and VCU Pro Onboard Unit
The IDM system for LRV includes the Heavy Duty TAG and VCU Pro Onboard Unit

Intelligent HD TAG measures condition data from chassis and rail track

The wireless Bluetooth Low Energy sensor Heavy Duty TAG is the base of an intelligent condition monitoring system for various industrial applications. Acceleration, temperature and tilt can be recorded. With the HD TAG, for instance, rail operators can measure anomalies in wheel-rail contact, and then, detect the condition of chassis components and rail infrastructure.


  • Modular System of HD TAGs, Secure Gateway and specific software packages, enables customized solutions for every application
  • Wireless sensor for easy integration into existing systems
  • Comprehensive recording of condition data provides early insights regarding wear and damage
  • Designed for industrial use – optimized for use in rail vehicles
  • Different, intelligent modes enable optimal measurement results, as well as maximum energy efficiency (service life: Up to five years)

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