Products for Rail Vehicles

ZF Technology in Rail Vehicles

Makes you want to get on board: ZF innovations make all types of rail vehicles safer, more comfortable, and more cost-efficient. Learn more about our products and solutions for rail vehicles.

Worldwide on track

With its rail vehicle technology, ZF is your reliable partner for the journey into the future on rails. The company is one of the world’s technology leaders in the area of driveline, chassis and safety technology. It offers components and systems which make railway traffic more powerful without neglecting passenger safety and comfort. Based on over 90 years of the Group's experience, manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles can profit from innovative and sustainable solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow.


Digital solutions

As a continuous innovator, ZF is preparing for the next generation of products with intelligent connectivity solutions that will further improve the productivity, ecological footprint and efficiency.


ZF's Repowering solutions aim at reducing fuel consumption and this life cycle costs and at extending the service life of the rail vehicles.


The world is converging. Urbanization is on the rapid increase. Travelers want to travel longer and longer distances in less and less time. The global flow of goods must be facilitated. In the metropolitan regions of the world, millions of people must be transported every day. ZF offers customer-specific components and systems which make rail vehicles ready for the complex requirements of modern mobility.

Market segments

Our products can be used in a variety of different areas – Electric Multiple Units, Diesel Multiple Units, Locomotives, Special Vehicles and Skytrains. ZF offers technologies which are optimized to meet the rail vehicle requirements of various market segments.


Reliable, efficient, safe – ZF delivers innovative technologies as well as a unique and wide product portfolio for drive, chassis and safety in rail vehicles.

Product Highlights


EcoMet, the new modular metro transmission, offers vehicle manufacturers the required performance, robustness and cost-effectiveness to ensure the reliable and low-emission transportation of the enormous flow of people passing through the world's metropolises.


The EcoWorld six-speed powershift transmission features an integrated and improved reversing gear and ensures added travel comfort and safety for passengers in Diesel Multiple Units with reduced fuel consumption.

Crash Absorber

Increasing train speeds are placing increasing demands on the absorber technology used in rail vehicles. Our lightweight crash absorbers guarantee the added safety and protection of people and material in rail vehicles.