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Vehicle Motion Control

The chassis forms the basis of any mobility on wheels. But how are drive, steering and braking impulses converted?

Definition: What is Vehicle Motion Control?

The term Vehicle Motion Control refers to all technologies that influence the longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics of a vehicle. These include not only mechanical and mechatronic components such as steering, brakes, dampers and electronic control units, but increasingly software is also playing a major role. This software determines and controls the optimal driving strategy and the optimal interaction of all actuators in the vehicle.

Number One for Chassis

New requirements – new supplier: with the Chassis Solutions Division, ZF bundles its expertise for everything that keeps vehicles on the road and in the lane. The merger of the previous Active Safety Systems and Car Chassis Technology Divisions creates a veritable powerhouse for Vehicle Motion Control.

Innovative technology for optimum vehicle dynamics

The Chassis as the Enabler of Software-defined Vehicles

The core of future vehicle architectures are high-performance domain or zone controllers on which the central software runs. Just as the brain is connected to every part of the body, the car’s central computers interact with all sensors and actuators to enable an unparalleled mobility experience in automated driving, electric mobility, vehicle motion control and integrated safety functions. Various vehicle types can then be integrated into this "mobile chassis platform" consisting of high-performance controllers, Continuous Damping Control, brake systems, steering systems and an electric drive.

Top-Class Electric SUV

The name Lotus has been synonymous with sports cars for decades. Now, the Eletre, the first all-electric SUV from Lotus, is taking to the roads around the globe. Onboard: "cubiX" - smart software control for all chassis functions.

Software as a Product in the Chassis of the Future

Advanced assistance systems, over-the-air-updated: Software is becoming a key differentiator in automotive industry. With cubiX, ZF is launching its first software-only product in volume production.

The Future of the Chassis

The Chassis of the future provides the flexible base necessary for software-defined, automated and electric vehicles. It combines smart actuators with a scalable E/E architecture and wide-ranging functions.

Driving Vehicle Intelligence

The Software-defined Vehicle Becomes a Reality

ZF provides all components and technologies for the software-defined vehicle and future oriented E/E architectures. Click on the (+) button to learn more about some of ZF's highlight solutions.



The most flexible, scalable, and powerful automotive supercomputer and the source of vehicle intelligence:The newly upgraded ZF ProAI is a central computer suitable for all vehicle platforms, software applications and E/E-architectures. One control unit for all purposes and all automation levels from ADAS to AD – and smaller, more energy-efficient and yet more powerful than ever before.

ProAI Supercomputer
Electric Axle Drive

Electric Axle Drive

ZF electric axle drives are based on a modular eDrive kit, which is the ideal way to customize an electric drive perfectly fitting the demanded needs. The kit cuts development times by up to 50%, offers a whole range of power classes from 75 kW on a 400 V basis to 400 kW on an 800 V basis and benefits upwards from revolutionary silicon carbide power electronics.

Electric Axle Drive
Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent Sensors

ZF is a leading supplier of intelligent sensors, including different kinds of cameras and radars like the Smart Camera 4.8, the smallest front-facing single-lens camera available. Or ZF’s Imaging Radar, a high resolution 77GHz radar designed to satisfy enhanced system solutions for AD L2+, L4 and beyond.

Smart Camera 4.8

Smart Sensors and Car Chassis From A to Z

Chassis actuators are involved whenever cars brake, steer or cruise along on a comfortable suspension.

Using Bits and Bytes to Create Intelligent Vehicles

Under the motto "Intelligent Mobility Now", ZF is already utilizing the potential of software, artificial intelligence and cloud computing for more safety, efficiency and sustainability in road traffic.

The Mediator in Automotive Software

With its “middleware”, ZF is creating a central software platform for the software-defined car of the future: Middleware helps connect all software applications and enables data to be exchanged between them.

By-Wire: How the technology works

Fully Automated By-Wire Vehicle Control

As vehicles become increasingly electrified, automated, and software controlled, ZF is at the forefront of developing and industrializing advanced chassis systems with the industry’s most comprehensive offering of by-wire technologies that no longer require a mechanical connection or system fluids.

ZF's IBC: Stop Better and Drive Farther

ZF's Integrated Brake Control (IBC) is the best solution for managing passenger car brake applications. Benefits range from shorter emergency braking distances to an increased electric range.

More freedom for steering: Steer-by-wire from ZF

With the steer-by-wire steering system, ZF is bringing manual, assisted and automated driving to a new level – for more safety and comfort on the road.

The Dynamic Q5

ZF's active damping system, sMOTION, takes driving comfort, dynamics and safety to a whole new level. That is a huge plus when it comes to highly automated driving.

Vehicle Motion Control @ ZF

Current information can be found on LinkedIn on our showcase page

Outstanding Maneuverability

Smart Software combined with innovative actuators

Our sensors see the vehicle’s environment and its interior, and our actuators can accelerate, decelerate or steer a vehicle in intelligent ways in the longitudinal, lateral and vertical planes. Actuators will always be required because the hardware is the prerequisite for ensuring that all control commands are implemented precisely in the car and that drivers can control the vehicle in the easiest, most convenient way possible. This applies specifically to maneuverability: As a specialist in Vehicle Motion Control, ZF draws on its long-standing chassis experience to make future models even more agile.

Turning on a Dime – Thanks to AKC From ZF

Today’s cars are not only getting bigger and heavier; but their wheelbase is also getting longer, especially in battery-electric vehicles. This usually comes at the expense of agility. ZF has an innovate solution with its AKC active rear-axle steering.

Maneuverable Into the Smallest Parking Space

ZF combines smart software with innovative actuator technology to improve the maneuverability of passenger cars..

Maneuvering made easy

"Zig-Zag Motion" Enables Drivers to Maneuver Easily in Tricky Situations. The combination of electric front and rear axle steering as well as electric drive enables new functions that make not only parking much easier.

Safer, more efficient and more comfortable

Optimal Damping in Every Situation

A smooth, comfortable and safe ride – that’s the task of vehicle damping. But one damping solution isn’t best for every driving situation and vehicle. ZF systems deliver just the right damping force in every situation.

Safe and Comfortable for Trucks, Buses, Agricultural, Construction and Special Machinery

The demands on vehicle damping are high. One important task is to stabilize the vehicle body as quickly as possible when driving over bumps in the road. In addition, dampers must ensure that the wheels are always in contact with the ground. Optimally adjusted dampers therefore make driving more controllable, more comfortable, more relaxed - and offer added safety.

Mobility on Rails

Modern chassis technology should be quiet, comfortable, reliable and environmentally friendly - even on rails. Our perfectly matched damper systems set standards. On short or long distances, at average or maximum speed, in passenger or freight transport, ZF offers technologies that are optimally adapted to rail vehicles.

High-Tech for the Highest Demands

The development of high-performance damper modules for high-performance road vehicles is part of our DNA. With technologies that have been tested and developed under the toughest motorsport conditions, we offer our customers outstanding performance and perfectly tailored solutions.

Combining Control with Comfort

Unrivaled Vessel Control

Like cars on land, ships on the high seas are also increasingly subject to stricter emissions. It’s not only the new regulations that are forcing shipbuilders to rethink conventional drives, but also the fact that electric motors installed in ships provide true comfort and improved functionality.

As a maritime drive specialist, ZF stands out not only when it comes to improved handling through control systems and electric steering.

ZF-Products for Marine Propulsion Systems

Our control heads activate different functions and facilitate controlling the boat. They provide captains unprecedented control and precision with smooth shifting and seamless transitions between operating modes.