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Mobile Phone with ZF Ideal Drive App installed

ZF Ideal Drive - Your new fleet management experience starts here.

ZF Ideal Drive is an individual fleet management tool, that provides a tailored car recommendation based on personal driving profile and needs.

In a data driven decision world, too many decisions are still based on subjective feeling.

Wrong choice of fleet composition leads to an efficiency loss of up to €34mio p.a.*

*assuming a fleet size of 10,000 cars.

Hybrids save up to 3,449€ per car upon short distance driving.

However… tax benefits will be removed if hybrid is not used accordingly (i.e. charged).

With tax benefits removed the hybrid is no longer economically and environmentally beneficial for long distance driving.

The usage based choice of powertrain leads to massive savings in total cost of ownership and CO₂ reductions.

If You Can‘t Entertain, Add Value. Become the Customer‘s Advisor.

The consumer is overwhelmed by the range of choice. Information becomes harder to comprehend. The purchase decision becomes more complex.

Yet... communication is easier than ever.

The dialog with the company loses importance in favor of the conversation in the community. So the question remains:

How can we get ourselves back into the conversation?

Getting Back into the Conversation: Become the Customer’s Advisor.

The ZF Ideal Drive App allows you to move closer to the customer within the buyer cycle. With the ZF Ideal Drive direct contact may be established much sooner in the comparing phase. Without the App you may only establish indirect contact via expensive advertising and direct contact only much later in the buying phase.

Drivers receive their personal drive type recommendation after 4-6 weeks or 10 trips & 200km. First predictions are available even sooner.

But we can do much more than just tracking trips. We provide the end consumer with information about monthly savings and potential reductions in total cost of ownership per driver.

Trips are being tracked in the background via Bluetooth. Manual tracking is available if needed.

7 Key Advantages

Support for electric fleet transformation

Potential reductions in total cost of ownership

Data based fleet composition

Real-time vehicle mileage

Enhanced digital sales and communication channel

New customer insights

Customer tailored solutions (e.g. White label)

ZF Ideal Drive - Your new fleet management experience starts here.


Alexander Graf

Division Electrified Powertrain Technology

Head of Digitalization /



Dominic Bezikofer

Division Electrified Powertrain Technology