Technologies Innovations


ZF’s ability and courage to repeatedly create new ground-breaking products enables it to support its customers as they strive for uniqueness and technology leadership in their industries. Beyond that, all ZF-Group innovations must be able to offer clear added value not only for vehicle users and manufacturers, but also for the society and environment.

ZF Innovation Vehicles

A truck that autonomously maneuvers around the ramp, lifts and sets down swap bodies? An all-electric delivery van that autonomously drives to the next delivery address while the courier delivers the parcel? A passenger car that can prevent accidents while allowing locally emission-free driving? Or a tractor that can be remotely controlled to connect itself to farming equipment or, despite fully loaded trailers, is able to climb extraordinarily steep inclines?

Investments in the future

Zukunft Ventures

Tracking and gaining innovation power also outside of the group: With its venture capital company, ZF supports promising startups internationally.

Research and development

Permanent research and development are an investment in the future. It is the only way to achieve innovation and high technical performance for machines with high user benefits. ZF is an innovation-driven company that develops volume production-ready products based on its own research and development efforts and thus invests in the future in a targeted way.