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Level 2+: Semi-automated Driving for Everyone

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Level 2+ semi-automated driving systems can help enhance safety and comfort in passenger cars. With its comprehensive portfolio of intelligent advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), ZF offers solutions scalable to cost and functions desired.
Achim Neuwirth,
Achim Neuwirth has been writing for ZF since 2011. He has specialized in writing texts about all kinds of car-related topics: from vehicles to the technology behind them, to driving and traffic.
Would having a self-driving car parked at home in the garage represent the epitome of future mobility? This vision of the future makes some euphoric, others sceptical. Opinions also diverge internationally.

This is underlined by a recent study by the market research institute Ipsos (commissioned by Audi): The respondents in China are 98 percent interested in autonomous driving, in the USA only 72 percent. With 77 percent, Germany is also well below the international average of 82 percent.
However, the respondents from all countries have one thing in common: The more miles they travel by car and the more they use mobility services, the more likely they can imagine leaving the driving task to their vehicles. In general, the willingness to do so is highest when driving on highways, in traffic jams, or when parking. These are exactly the situations in which smart assistance systems can initially assume command of the passenger car. On the other hand, vehicles that can navigate completely independently from point A to B are still far away. That’s because they are highly complex, very expensive and involve many open (legal) questions.
"In our estimation, autonomous driving after Level 4 or 5 will become established in the commercial vehicle segment initially, and urban passenger transport," says Wolf-Henning Scheider, ZF Chairman of the Board of Management. Self-driving shuttles, for example, can supplement existing urban public transport services and help to better connect rural areas to cities.
Safety and comfort advantages at an affordable price: ZF launched the coASSIST with Dongfeng Motor in China.

Many cars can afford the added value of Level 2+

Many cars can afford the added value of Level 2+

For passenger cars, ZF relies on intelligent assistance functions, so-called Level 2+ systems. For drivers, Level 2+ can provide tangible comfort benefits. Lane centering control, adaptive cruise control, and other features are intelligently connected with each other to allow drivers to briefly take their hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals in certain situations. The ZF system goes beyond the functionality of a regular Level 2 system, and the driver always remains responsible for monitoring the surroundings and should be prepared to intervene at any time.

ZF offers an entire range of Level 2 + systems, including ZF coASSIST, ZF coDRIVE, and ZF coPILOT, each with increasing functionality (see videos below). The cost-effective coASSIST has already been launched with Dongfeng in China. coDRIVE has raised high customer interest for the next advancement in L2+ systems. And coPILOT, a system scalable up to Level 4, will be launched in a partnership with Vietnam’s fast-growing electric vehicle maker VinFast.