Products for Special Vehicles

A Success Story Continues

Modular Concept

One basic transmission with optional modules can deliver the optimum solution for every application.

Basic transmission TraXon

TraXon, the automatic transmission, was developed to live up to future needs: More performance with less fuel consumption and more application diversity with less customization effort. The solution: A single basic transmission was designed for different vehicles and applications can be customized individually by utilizing optional modules. The modular system opens up new dimensions in terms of performance, economy, environmental compatibility, and comfort - exactly where it is required.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Less customization efforts thanks to the platform design
  • High torque range up to 3,500 Nm
  • Maximum transmission ratios for less fuel consumption
  • Highest transmission efficiency in class
  • New software functions for enhanced comfort
  • Robust and tested components for utmost reliability
  • ConAct concentric clutch actuation system
  • Reduced transmission noise
  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio for maximum efficiency
Engine-dependent power take-off PowerDivide

The engine-dependent PTO module is for special usage and a wide variety of applications. No matter whether in fire trucks, concrete pumps and mixers, mobile cranes or drill and winch drives: The PowerDivide is an independent module that can always be acuated, even in on-load operation and it withstands highest loads and stresses – of course, also while in continuous operation.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Engine-dependent PTO for highest torques up to 2,000 Nm (direct drive up to 3,000 Nm)
  • Transmission gear shifts in PTO operation are possible while driving
  • High service life thanks to DynaDamp torsional damper
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Construction kit for different ratios (f=1.21 and f=1.54), torques and installation spaces
  • Possible to combine with other, third-party transmissions
  • Compatible SAE interface fits all common commercial vehicle diesel engines
Torque converter clutch Torque

The module for zero-wear setting off with the heaviest vehicles. When heavy equipment is used, the torque converter clutch with hydrodynamic torque converter is the best choice to get things moving quickly and smoothly - also for the driveline. And if you want to stop the heavy commercial vehicle, the integrated primary retarder ensures reliable and zero-wear braking.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Zero-wear setting off and braking without bucking
  • Common on-site control unit for Intarder and TraXon Torque module
  • High system availability and long service life
  • Fuel efficient power transmission
  • Comfortable operation in either automatic transmissions or with manual gear selections
  • Lock-up of torque converter clutch at driving speed and wear-free shifting with basic transmission
  • High efficiency and low life-cycle costs
The new multidisk clutch DynamicPerform

DynamicPerform, the new clutch module that pairs with the successful TraXon automatic transmission, will bring innovative new and popular ZF features to the construction vehicle segment. It is perfectly suited for special vehicles and mobile cranes with three to five axles. Designed as a wet starting clutch for heavy vehicles, DynamicPerform transfers the engine output through the multidisk clutch integrated into the module. The clutch disks are cooled by continuous circulating oil, which protects the clutch system from overheating and enables nearly wear-free and longterm maneuvering even with high friction energy.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Wet multidisk clutch ensures durable, wear-free maneuvering
  • Maximum availability of mobile cranes and special vehicles on construction site
  • Cooling oil circuit prevents the clutch from overheating and downtime
  • Fast cooling after use
  • High-power DynaDamp vibration damper protects entire driveline
  • Low lifecycle costs due to long service interval and long life time
  • Starting module for mobile cranes up to 5 axles and special vehicles with up to 3,000 Nm engine torque
Single/twin plate clutch Perform

The module for setting off that is up to everyday challenges and functions reliably over time - whether over long-distances or during heavy transport. The single and dual-disc clutches were designed for precise and effective power transmission and a long service life.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Long service life
  • Effective power transmission
  • Excellent separating properties
  • Low transmission noise
  • Good automation options

Variety of Transmission Functions

Professionals are already impressed by TraXon‘s high-performance technical ratings. The transmission also scores highly for its wide range of special features.

PreVision GPS
The networking between the transmission and the GPS system enables an predictive driving strategy that ideally adapts the shift sequence to the topography. New transmission functions are possible.
Advantage: fuel savings, increase in comfort.
ZF rolling function
On gently sloping gradients, the driveline is decoupled to use the vehicle‘s available momentum. For this purpose, the transmission goes into neutral. The vehicle can now simply coast.
Advantage: fuel savings.
A maneuvering mode is available for extremely slow driving. In maneuvering mode, the vehicle responds sensitively to accelerator pedal movements.
Advantage: driving comfort, increased safety.
Start-stop function
This transmission function supports the „Engine OFF“ function during longer stops (for example with long traffic light phase). The transmission stays ready for a quick start.
Advantage: fuel efficiency, less emissions.
Hill start
The system temporarily maintains the brake pressure in case of setting off on a slope when switching from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.
Advantage: increased driving comfort. Easy to set off in difficult situations.
Gear changes are avoided to a large extent to guarantee powerful thrust on difficult terrain. If a gear change is performed, the transmission carries out the change quickly.
Advantage: Always high tractive force to ensure optimum maneuverability off-road.
Rock-free function
The rock-free function helps a stuck vehicle break free and set off. If the function is active, the transmission does not shift. The driver only has to gently apply the accelerator pedal to rock the vehicle free.
Advantage: Simple handling