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What Does the Future of Mobility Hold?

ZF Technology Solutions Spotlight


Next Generation Mobility Spotlight: The Software Defined Vehicle
ZF has the largest portfolio of by-wire technologies in the industry. What are the advantages when the electronics control the brakes steering and other systems in the care – with no mechanical connection to the driver?

ZF ProConnect

Connecting automated, software-defined vehicles to the cloud and infrastructure
Connectivity platform ZF ProConnect securely connects vehicles with cloud and infrastructure. Providing various means of transport communicate securely and reliably with infrastructure, cloud applications, and satellite navigation systems – crucial capabilities for next generation mobility.

ZF cubiX

Vehicle Motion Control Coordinator – Smart control software links sensors, planner and actuators
ADAS, over-the-air updates: Software is becoming a key differentiator in the automotive industry. With comprehensive cubiX vehicle motion control platform, ZF launches its first software-only product in volume production.


The Source of Vehicle Intelligence
The intelligence of future vehicles will be controlled by a few extremely powerful central computers like the new ZF ProAI. It is the most flexible, scalable and powerful automotive-grade supercomputer on the market.

Get in the driver's seat of ZF technology

Featuring ZF Steer-by-Wire Technology

ZF's Race Simulator

Real Automotive Technology in a Racing Simulation Environment.

Get in the driver's seat and experience ZF's steer-by-wire technology! This exciting digital system will be in a U.S.-based vehicle later this year in 2023 and will help enable autonomous driving and enhanced safety functions.

ZF race simulator is on the road this year, hitting events across the states. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see where we will be next to get your hands on ZF technology.

ZF Race Simulator

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