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Connectivity Platform ZF ProConnect: Connected With System

ZF ProConnect meets all modern connectivity requirements. It masters all connectivity standards, meets the latest cyber security requirements, offers a flexible cloud environment and a comprehensive portfolio of digital services.

Author: Jan Wienrich, 2023-12-13

The communication of vehicles with their environment is becoming increasingly important. Connectivity, exchange and processing of large amounts of data are important prerequisites for the digital services of the future and the use of further advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – and later autonomous vehicles. The connectivity platform ZF ProcConnect enables all of this.

What Vehicle Connectivity Is Good For

Connectivity gives vehicles capabilities that complement the on-board sensors and forms the basis for future AD/ADAS functions. For example, connected vehicles can be informed earlier about a sudden end to a traffic jam behind a curve, speed limits or black ice and be able to react accordingly.

ProConnect Scene

Thanks to ZF ProConnect, various means of transport communicate securely and reliably with infrastructure, cloud applications, and satellite navigation systems.

Especially with further advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, it is becoming increasingly important for vehicles to communicate with the traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights or traffic signs, other vehicles and other road users. This enables more safety, efficiency and comfort and plays a major role for the software-defined vehicles of the future. "Vehicles need V2X communication so that they can exchange with other road users, the infrastructure and the cloud. With ZF ProConnect, we are opening the door to digital business models and infotainment for our customers, which are playing an increasingly important role in the software-defined vehicle," says Oliver Briemle, Head of AD Components & Connectivity at ZF.

At CES 2023, ZF showed how well and precisely ZF ProConnect contributes to the satellite navigation of the future in a demo vehicle from partner Hexagon.

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