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Versatile Applications


ProVID Condition Monitoring System

Mining Applications and Large Construction Machines

ZF drive, swing and winch gearboxes take up the heaviest loads, they are extremely compact and facilitate precise machine control with high power transmission.

Marine- and Offshore-Applications

ZF industrial, swing and winch gearboxes for offshore and marine applications are specially designed for use in the most challenging environments and are suitable for numerous installation situations.

Industrial Systems and Equipment

Thanks to a flexible kit system ZF industrial drives offer a widely varied product range. In this way transmissions can be perfectly matched to your intended application.


ZF transmissions for cableway systems reliably provide the circulation of cable-drawn lift systems such as classical chair and gondola lifts or urban transport and shuttle systems.

Product Portfolio

Planetary Gearboxes Redulus4F

The Redulus4Foffers a significantly higher torque density and maximal flexibility.

Drive Gearboxes GFA/GPT

ZF Drive Gears are ideal driveline components for wheel, track or roller-driven mining applications and large construction machines.

Swing Gearboxes GFB

ZF Swing Gears are suitable for use in large excavators and all types of cranes, on land or at sea.

Winch Gearboxes GPT-W

ZF Winch Gears supply the required tensile force in the cable for precise lifting and lowering of loads.

Pump Distribution Gearboxes GFC

ZF Pump Distribution Gears for driving different hydraulic pumps simultaneously are ideally suited for installation in large hydraulic excavators

Industrial Gearboxes Redulus GMH/GME

ZF Industrial Gears are reliable drive components which have been proven under a wide range of application conditions.

Ropeway Gearboxes GPW

ZF gearboxes GPW for ropeways are extremely compact, quiet and convincing with a high power density for a low weight

Jack-up Gearboxes GPV

ZF gearboxes GPV for offshore and marine applications fulfil the special requirements which are necessary for use in this particular environment.

Experts for Marine Applications

Highly Elastic Couplings SPIROFLEX

The SPIROFLEX highly elastic couplings are the optimal connecting elements for compensating any torsional vibrations that occur.

Highly Elastic Clutches PNEUMAFLEX

PNEUMAFLEX, the shiftable clutches from ZF, ensure reliable engagement and disengagement between the drive elements.

Torsionally Stiff Clutches PNEUMASTAR

The torsionally rigid, pneumatically shiftable ZF PNEUMASTAR clutch stands for fast shifting and safe maneuvering.

ZF Aftermarket for Industrial Gearboxes and Couplings/Clutches

Gearbox or coupling/clutch inspection and early detection of damages

Predictive maintenance of the gearbox resp. coupling or clutch increases the availability of your machine or plant and improves the efficiency in operation. Our qualified service technicians possess extensive experience in detecting damage at an early stage with the assistance of proven inspection programs and modern measuring- and testing equipment.

predictive maintenance

early detection of damages

Spare Parts

This service is characterized by speed, competence and world-wide efficient logistics. We provide original manufacturer's spare parts – even after the end of series production – as well as spare parts kits and conversion kits for existing equipment.

original spare parts

original spare parts


Our thorough knowledge of the gearbox resp. coupling/clutch designs ensures a flawless and cost-optimized repair. Overhaul and new production of single parts as well as regrinding of gear teeth are carried by us according to the original drawings. Prior to shipment, repaired gearboxes resp. coulings/clutches are tested according to strictest quality standards on our test benches and all results are recorded in a test protocol.

ZF offers competent repairs

ZF offers competent repairs

Field Service

Our qualified and experienced service technicians offer fast and world-wide support on site – including visual inspection, endoscopy, vibration analysis, repair and oil analysis.

ZF on site field service

ZF field service

Documentation and Support

Technical information and documentation sustainably ensure that all service activities are carried out properly. Spare-parts catalogues, operating instructions, repair manuals and diagnostic documentation are available.

ZF has the original documents and drawings

ZF has the original documents and drawings

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Quality and Innovation

The Industrial Drives Business Unit has more than half a century of experience available in the manufacture of planetary transmissions for industrial applications. That is an indication of the quality and reliability and – together with the 100 years of transmission expertise from the ZF Group – it is also a guarantor for innovative technologies and drive concepts for the future.


The ZF engineering expertise provides support from the first moment. Long before a complex component takes shape, we will have carried out complicated calculations, such as the finite element method (FEM). Our expertise in development is supplemented by unequalled competence in dynamic simulation and testing. Through application-orientated provision of technologies and computation techniques, the testing period is the basis for our engineering to develop competitive and marketable products.

Optimized Processes

ZF controls the complete process of transmission manufacture. The process chain extends from the mechanical machining and heat treatment to the assembly and subsequent tests, painting and shipment. For us, perfect quality management not only implies the systematic planning and monitoring of quality features, but rather also the effort towards continual improvement – along the whole value creation chain.

Taylor-Made Products

We are responding to the growing importance of industry-specific solutions with market-orientated, internationally operating development centres. Another of ZF's strengths is our customer-specific engineering. At ZF customer support staff co-operate closely with their colleagues from development. The results are innovations which set global benchmarks and which impress our customers. Our product specialists are not only experts in the field of driveline technology, they are also familiar with the special features of the relevant applications.

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