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Industrial GearboxesPortfolioIndustrial Gearbox Redulus4F


Power Packs For The Future

Business advantages

Flexible design to perfectly fit most applications

One construction kit offers the opportunity to create over 2 000 gearbox combinations. Various market requirements were taken into account during the development of the Redulus4F kit, so that it offers a solution for multiple customers in different industries

Compact and lighter design to reduce cost and handling effort

The Redulus4F gearbox is designed to be as compact as possible and still be able to cover a broad torque range. A compact gearbox has a smaller outer diameter, weighs less, and requires less installation space. This way, it’s easier to handle, resulting in a simplified installation process and reduced costs.

Extended load capacity to increase lifetime and performance

The unique design includes 20 sizes, which supports an optimal graduation of torque and size. This delivers up to 40% torque increase per size compared to the previous generation and covers a broad torque range from 99 kNm up to 5 800 kNm. Enhanced output torques and torque peaks of up to 2-times of the rated torques lead to higher efficiency as well as to increased resilience and load bearing capacity. So less weight and a smaller size, result in the same torque output.

Advanced serviceability to minimize downtime

The exceptional maintenance design with easy access to the main components, is also linked to ZF’s condition monitoring system ProVID, which provides permanent status reports worldwide. This unique combination guarantees proactive service planning and fast interventions on a global scale.