see. think. act.


Digitalization is all about integrating and interconnecting artificial intelligence into more and more products, and also endowing it with the capacity to learn. ZF is quickly becoming one of the trailblazers that is revolutionizing mobility.

One example of this is its supercomputer ZF ProAI for vehicles which is able to process enormous volumes of data in real time. But that's not all. Using its capacity for “deep learning,” it independently gathers experience. Abilities such as these are necessary for realizing autonomous driving in day-to-day life.

Digitalization and the Internet of Things will be an enabler to use ZF technologies across all mobility and industrial segments.

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Connectivity Solutions

Managing your fleet in real time, tracking both internal and external supply chains, planning capacity and maintenance of your vehicles predictively. ZF OPENMATICS, ZF’s connectivity brand, offers the digital, connected and efficient tools you need.

Digitalized Logistics with ZF IoT Cloud

Efficient logistics means more than simply transporting goods from A to B – it is the pulse of the economy. No matter where you look - ZF develops intelligent and resource-friendly solutions for the logistics chain.

See - think - act

ZF can make vehicles see, think, act

ZF innovations help vehicles to see, think and act. To support these actions, ZF delivers perfectly dovetailed solutions – a unique selling point of the technology company.