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ZF maintains a global procurement network that includes suppliers from small family-run businesses right through to large enterprises. Compliance with quality, environmental and social standards in the supplier network is one of ZF's stated aims. At the same time, ZF sees its suppliers as innovation partners who contribute decisively to the company's competitiveness.

Partnership and Further Development

ZF attaches a great deal of importance to the continuous further development of its supplier base and cultivates these partnerships intensively. After all, good collaboration between the Group and all supply partners underpins its value chain. If ZF is to offer its customers top-quality products, then the company must ensure suppliers meet the requirements placed on them in terms of quality, logistics, finance and sustainability.


What Suppliers Need to Know

Are you a supplier and want to know how you can collaborate with ZF? Do you have questions about purchasing, quality, logistics, finance or sustainability? If so, you can find the answers here.

Sustainability in the supply chain

Taking Responsibility

Sustainability is an integral part of the ZF strategy. The company is committed to becoming fully climate-neutral through 2040. This includes decarbonizing the supply chain. ZF therefore systematically analyzes the contribution of its suppliers to its CO2 footprint and intensively discusses strategies, methods and technological possibilities with them.

Sustainability in the supply chain

To ensure responsible procurement, ZF has formulated uniform procurement standards and specifications for suppliers worldwide.

The results are integrated into the supplier release process and the procurement process. But sustainability is about more than just environmental and climate protection. So in addition to the issues surrounding "Climate and Nature," ZF also focuses on the aspects of "People" and "Lasting Values." Respect for human rights in the supply chain is a top priority for the technology company. All new and existing suppliers are required to sign up to the ZF Code of Conduct and to bolster the relevant values and principles in their company and in their own supply chain.

Supplier innovations

More Innovation Partners as Suppliers

ZF sees its suppliers as innovation partners and develops new products and services in close collaboration with them. The close contact between development departments creates synergies, enabling innovations to move into production even faster.

Supplier Innovations

ZF actively supports suppliers in implementing innovation ideas. This close collaboration delivers benefits for suppliers and ZF.

Especially when the pressure to innovate mounts, a partnership is crucial to react quickly to changing market requirements and to boost competitiveness. The role of purchasing is also changing. Rather than focusing solely on negotiating the best possible terms and conditions, they are working with their supply partners to find ways of improving collaboration.

Supplier Awards

Awards for the Best

Every year, ZF honors the best of its suppliers with the Supplier Award and so recognizes the significant contribution to its competitiveness and growth that its supply partners make. The Supplier Awards Innovations recognize partners in the fields of "Automated Driving," "Vehicle Motion Control," "Integrated Safety" and "Electromobility." The Performance Awards are presented in the categories "Production Materials," "Sustainability," "Operational and Functional Excellence" and "Digitalization/Connectivity."

Supplier Award

As part of its Global Supplier Summit, ZF honors its best suppliers with the Supplier Awards every year.

Make Your Supply Chain Greener

ZF needs to and is willing to reduce its carbon footprint in order to become carbon neutral in 2040.

ZF Signs Multi-year-supply-agreement with STMicroelectronics

ZF gains a leading supplier for silicon carbide technology to reliably fulfil electromobility orders.

ZF Honors Outstanding Suppliers

ZF honors a total of eight suppliers for their excellent performance with the Supplier Award 2022.