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Shallow Draught Thruster

High maneuverability for shallow water environments

Like all ZF Azimuth thrusters, Shallow Draught Thrusters offer steerable thrust in all directions, allowing unmatched maneuverability. The Shallow Draught Thruster is the perfect solution for vessels which are required to navigate in shallow waters. It is typically used in pontoons, landing crafts, ferries and workboats as main propulsion thruster, auxiliary propulsion thruster. The Shallow Draught Thruster can be provided in a performance range of 100-850 kW


  • 360° maneuverability without thrust deduction in any angle
  • Compact design, water intake and nozzle within one circle
  • Design allows low water intake speed, thus avoiding the induction of foreign material and / or debris
  • Highest reliability
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Operation with biodegradable lubrication oil possible
  • Available with Condition Monitoring System