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Tunnel Thruster

Tunnel Thrusters
Tunnel Thruster
Tunnel Thruster
Tunnel Thruster

Improved maneuvering with bow thrusters

The tunnel thrusters with optimized hydrodynamic efficiency lead to significantly increased maneuverability for traditional shaftline equipped commercial vessels and pleasure craft boats. In auxiliary use the ease of mooring can be improved. In essential use for more demanding applications, such as dynamic positioning, performance can be optimized. The thruster can be delivered in a performance range of 100-2000 kW.


  • Robust, solid and compact design
  • Vessel specific propeller design assuring optimized efficiency or low emission
  • Improved station keeping of the vessel
  • Usage profile:
    • Auxiliary use: All kind of vessels for ease mooring
    • Essential use: For more demanding applications such as dynamic positioning
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Operation with biodegradable lubrication oil possible

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