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Retractable Azimuth Thruster

Retractable Azimuth Thruster
Retractable Azimuth Thruster

Providing high maneuverability and station-keeping capability for workboats

Thruster operates in full azimuth mode when deployed as part of auxiliary propulsion systems to increase the vessel’s station-keeping capabilities. When retracted the thruster is completely stowed inside the hull. Equipped with fixed pitch propellers, the units can be matched to medium-speed diesel, hydraulic or electric engines.Tailor made thruster design allows a perfect fit to the vessel’s hull, while propeller layouts ensure efficiency.


  • Excellent station keeping performance
  • 360° steerable
  • Solid and compact design
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Highly customized and fully integrated propulsion solutions
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Available as L- and Z-Drive
  • Optionally use as Tunnel Thruster - A tunnel can be incorporated in the design of the outer well
  • Possibility to operate the thruster with biodegradable lubrication oil