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Electrifying hard work the smart way: eWorX Electric Power Take-Off System:

With eWorX on board, commercial vehicle PTOs produce zero* local emissions.
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When it comes to electrifying commercial vehicles, the focus will not only be on the driveline.
Svenja Karl,
Svenja Karl has been online editor at ZF since 2013. The graduate industrial engineer specializes in topics relating to the Group's products and technologies.
Many commercial vehicles are also equipped with implements for use as municipal vehicles, on construction sites, in depots and other areas. To perform their service, special vehicles such as truck cranes, dump trucks or cement mixer trucks require suitably designed Power Take-Off systems.
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In the internal combustion engine driveline, the PTOs are coupled to the engine or transmission. However, since the architecture of previously common drivelines differs fundamentally from electric drivelines and known interfaces are no longer used, it is also necessary to re-think the design of future PTOs. "Here, ZF can really shine with its expertise as a systems supplier," explains Kleber Vinhas, responsible for the CV Powertrain Modules product line in ZF's Commercial Vehicle Technology Division. "With eWorX, we greatly simplify the integration of equipment into new platforms by providing the market with a new standard interface for the operation of work bodies." "This solution helps vehicle and body manufacturers find their optimal response to the complex challenge of electrification and takes us one step closer to zero emissions," adds Peter Prystupa, Head of R&D for CV Powertrain Modules.

Plug-and-work one-box-solution

Plug-and-work one-box-solution

The newly developed product family offers an innovative all-in-one solution to efficiently electrify PTOs for operating work equipment – regardless of the architecture used for the drive. "The advantage is zero* local emissions and significantly reduced noise, which above all facilitates using these units in cities and residential areas," explains Sebastian Bindig, Product Owner of eWorX.
ZF eWorX creates the optimal connection between the vehicle energy management and the modular electric power take-off including the electric motor, which in turn drives the equipment. eWorX includes suitable power electronics, control unit and software packages tailored to the respective application. The seamless connection to the CAN bus allows eWorX to be integrated into the vehicle's battery and energy management. New safety and assistance functions can be realized – as well as the option of controlling the machines from outside the driver's cabin, using a smartphone or tablet.

*A pure electric commercial vehicle has no local CO2 emissions. A holistic neutral CO2 balance is only achieved if the electricity is generated with low emissions.

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