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Get connected in rescue operations

For the first time, vehicles, equipment and people are all connected centrally

Our products are specially designed for manufacturers of emergency vehicles, suppliers of rescue equipment and providers of operation-specific software. In addition, we offer manufacturer-independent solutions for organizations with security tasks as well as for regional and national authorities.

Together with our partner network, ZF Rescue Connect is establishing the IMBOS cloud: A neutral and open cloud platform concept that serves as the main source of information for authorities and organizations, including vehicles’ data, emergency services, equipment and victims. It offers a real-time location and identification combined with background information. Moreover, there are numerous functions, services and extensions available.


Our customer groups

OEM & Manufacturer

Unique software solutions for OEM & Manufacturer of emergency vehicles and rescue equipment. ZF Rescue Connect enables, especially smaller and mid-size companies, to develop their own digital footprints and maximize commercial benefits of technologies.

Fleet & Service Operator

Our software solutions for fleet & service Operators bring benefits to providers of emergency services and end-users. Whether you are a technician of a fleet or an incident commander in the field, we offer our customized solutions to perform your tasks efficiently.

Third Party Users

We solve individual needs of our third party customers in the field of emergency call centers and command structures of governmental or non-governmental authorities with tailored solutions and interfaces.

ZF Rescue Connect Dashboard

The ZF Rescue Connect Dashboard is our web-based user interface. It covers an extensive range of functions, including 'Live View', 'Consumption Monitor', 'Vehicle Inspector' and more.

Hardware Portfolio

Vehicle On-Board Unit

Our automotive vehicle gateway connects the CAN Bus of your vehicle with the ZF Rescue Connect cloud. Either as build-in or retrofit solution.

OBD On-Board Unit

With our smart and cost efficient OBD On-Board Units, we can connect smaller and mid-sized vehicles to the ZF Rescue Connect cloud.

Desktop Service Unit

The desktop service unit enables remote access to the vehicles equipped with the vehicle On-Board Unit. It allows functions such as remote diagnostics, configuration or flashing of ECUs.

Mobile Service Unit

Our Mobile Service Unit can be used to connect vehicles that are not equipped with an build-in vehicle On-Board Unit.

Equipment On-Board Unit

Our smaller equipment gateways are build to connect expensive tools and assets like portable pumps and power generators.

Equipment TAG

With our IoT device we can track and connect even small tools and equipment devices. It can also connect for example rescue dogs, drones or robots.

Crew TAG

This portable gateway is specially designed to connect crew members and people to the ZF Rescue Connect cloud.

Life TAG

With our LifeTAG we connect patients and victims to the ZF Rescue Connect cloud.

Future Technologies

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