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Innovative Solutions for Commercial Vehicles in Logistics and Public Transport.

Intelligent, safe, sustainable.

The current challenges in the commercial vehicle sector are massive. High logistics volumes, increasing shortage of drivers, ever more complex requirements for fleet and maintenance management as well as increased demands in terms of safety and sustainability – for both goods and passenger transport. There is no question: Trucks, trailers, buses and coaches must help shape the mobility and transport turnaround. Not at some point, but NOW.

How can we achieve this? With innovative solutions from ZF. Due to decades of expertise and a comprehensive product portfolio, ZF offers innovative components and complete systems for the transport industry – not only tomorrow, but already today. The guiding principle: More safety, increased efficiency, smart connectivity.

ZF is not focusing solely on global requirements. With the "local for local" strategy, the Group anticipates the respectively correct solutions for the important market regions (USA, EMEA, China, India) – and has the competence to implement these solutions locally. For a mobility turnaround everywhere, immediately.


CeTrax is an all-electric central drive that is equally suitable for buses, distribution trucks and special vehicles. A major advantage of the system is the easy integration into existing vehicle platforms.

CeTrax lite

This all-electric drive solution is designed for use in delivery vans and light commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tons and offers a peak power performance of 150 kW. Another special feature of CeTrax lite is the integrated design, in which the electric motor, power electronics and transmission form a compact unit with a shared housing.


ZF’s eTrailer is a semitrailer with integrated electric motor. The prototype can convert every conventional truck it is coupled with into a hybrid vehicle. This brings numerous advantages - not only in terms of CO₂ emissions.

AxTrax AVE

The electric portal axle AxTrax AVE with integrated wheel hub drive is the solution for electric buses, hybrid buses and trolleybuses. It enables to solo buses as well as articulated buses full-electric and zero-emission driving.

Lightweight Future Truck and OptiFlow

One example of what future commercial vehicle concepts could look like is the Lightweight Future Truck. This is a combination of a tractor unit with a lightweight chassis optimized for installation space and a trailer with advanced aerodynamics.


ZF is launching a completely new transmission: PowerLine, the fully automatic powershift transmission, has been specially designed for the medium-duty vehicle category and delivers consistently excellent results in trucks, busses and in special purpose vehicles alike.

Effectively Electrified: Commercial Vehicle PTOs

When it comes to electrifying commercial vehicles, the focus will not only be on the driveline, but also on the PTOs.

More Efficiency for the E-Bus

Electric buses only reach the maximum range if all power consumers are optimally coordinated. For this purpose, ZF is currently developing its own energy management system (EMS).

Automated Coupling Assist

Coupling a truck with a semi-trailer is one of the most challenging maneuvers, especially for less experienced drivers. With this project, ZF provides proof-of-concept for an innovative fully-automated coupling assist system that enables the truck to detect and hook a specific semi-trailer.

Advanced Reversing Assist

The system solution with camera and sensors from ZF solves a major problem when reversing with trailers: the lack of overview. The Advanced Reversing Assistant makes maneuvering easier and considerably reduces the risk of accidents.

CDC: Perfect Damping for Electric Buses

Electric buses mean more sustainable urban public transport, but design constraints necessitate a rethink with damping for more comfort and safety.

Autonomous package delivery: Satisfaction delivered right to your door

With an interconnected concept vehicle that drives autonomously, ZF shows how package delivery can be handled with less stress for everyone involved.

Smart logistics: As if moved by an invisible hand

Trucks that operate without drivers on the premises of depots. Smart logistics solutions such as these are boosting efficiency in the movement of goods.

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