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Zig-Zag Motion Zig-Zag Motion

Maneuvering made easy

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"Zig-Zag Motion" Enables Drivers to Maneuver Easily in Tricky Situations. The combination of electric front and rear axle steering as well as electric drive enables new functions that make not only parking much easier.
Anna Sylvia Stelzenm├╝ller,
Anna Sylvia Stelzenm├╝ller has been a Cross-Media Publisher at ZF since 2021. With a degree in journalism she worked at various TV-stations before planning, writing and producing publications on all channels of the company.
For many, this moment is one of the most unpleasant when driving: parking. Finally, a suitable parking space has been found, and then the cars are already lining up behind you. The tension increases, the uncertainty as well, and in the end the car is parked crookedly. If you want to park properly and without stress, you often need steady nerves. "With Zig-Zag Motion," ZF has developed a solution for these situations.

The vehicle moves laterally at the push of a button. With simultaneously turned wheels and a steering angle of approximately eight degrees, the car moves forward and backwards until it is perfectly positioned in the parking space. Intelligent software makes this possible. It synchronizes the forward and reverse motion generated by the electric drive with the front and rear steering. A number of sensors support this. Thus, numerous vehicle maneuvers are made significantly easier, be it parking or approaching a ticket machine.