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Miriam Beck is a FutureStarter

Perfection Behind the Scenes

Miriam Beck has a relentless passion for software. The manager of Portfolio Management System House Vehicle Motion Control, also responsible for Strategy & Partnership, has been with the ZF Group for 16 years. During that time she has witnessed a genuine paradigm shift: “In the beginning, the software was there to provide the best possible support for hardware components – for example through the optimal control of an eight-speed automatic transmission. But today we are thinking about how to implement the intelligent networking of all vehicle systems for optimal longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics.”

FutureStarter Miriam Beck: with ZF for 16 years and Manager Portfolio Management System House Vehicle Motion Control.

Seeing past the technology to take in the big strategic picture has always been important to Miriam Beck: “In System House Vehicle Motion I can fully realize my ideas on cross-divisional thinking,” she says. “The system know-how from the entire ZF Group meets up with decades of experience in braking and steering systems, active damping systems and drive technology. Our goal with cubiX is to optimize driving behavior with a view to comfort, dynamics and efficiency and, through defined interfaces, to offer a platform for new functions that can be developed and updated and expanded over the product lifetime regardless of the vehicle configuration.

Miriam Beck sees real added value in the team spirit and the open exchange between all areas.

But we will be able to provide these functions with the required series production readiness only because ZF, far from being a software start-up, can draw on more than 100 years experience in the development of automotive hardware. A key prerequisite: an interdisciplinary team with a broad background – and being open to exchanging ideas with all of the experts throughout the Group.

A strategy that strives for cleaner and safer mobility in the future is an approach that Miriam Beck can identify with. “I graduated from university in the middle of the 2007/2008 financial crisis when practically every company had a hiring freeze. But even in that situation, ZF stuck to its policy of investing in the future and hiring people who could make contributions with their qualifications. I was impressed by this determination to shape a positive future.”One thing that fascinates her more than anything else about her current task: “With the series premiere of our cubiX software, we are making a strong statement on our system competency in the vehicle dynamics of software-defined vehicles.

Networking as a game changer.

Future updates or upgrades to the software can be carried out "over-the-air" – i.e. wirelessly without a visit to the workshop. In this way, the software remains up to date throughout the vehicle's life, meaning that additional functions can always be added after the vehicle is delivered.”