Mechanical Engineering
Creating Something New Creating Something New
Mechanical Engineering

Creating Something New

with resistant and innovative technology
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Mechanical Engineering

Efficiency and Profitability

are the focus of every solution
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Mechanical Engineering

Machine Safety

No compromises in implementation
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Mechanical Engineering

Resource Conservation

and low life-cycle costs are guaranteed when using energy-efficient and proven components
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Mechanical Engineering

International Projects

are reliably realized with us as an experienced partner

Mechanical Engineering Based on Almost 100 Years of Experience in the Automotive Industry

With approximately 185 employees in Development, Production and Commissioning, we are able to supply special machines to our customers around the globe. This results an annual sales volume for internal and external customers in the middle double-digit million range.

Being part of a technology group which is a global player as well as with our experienced and highly motivated employees, we are in the best position to shape the challenges of the future.

The development and construction of customized machines for products of the future are at the core of our work, which we are passionate about. Focusing on development and standardization, virtual reality as well as in-house software development enables us to deliver machines at a higher maturity level.


Highly Efficient Project Management

A well-trained team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers, responsible for the design, development, installation and commissioning, works very closely to handle projects quite efficiently. The necessary know-how for the production of a special machine is available in-house. Peaks in orders are processed together with our partner companies.

Production-system Compliant, Versatile Machine Design

Our project managers are specialists in planning and implementing production system criteria. The development of versatile systems, that are scalable, universal, flexible and compatible, has been a major characteristic of our system concepts for many years, thus ensuring a long service life and high investment security.

Attractive Conditions for Purchased Parts

Together with the global ZF Purchasing organization, the best conditions can be obtained for all required components. This cost-saving benefit is directly passed on to the customer. Since the procurement of purchased machine components constitutes the main cost factor, investments in machines and systems are hereby drastically reduced.

Agile Change Management

Changes and adjustments in ongoing projects are part of our daily business at Special Machine Engineering. Our processes and procedures are fit to react swiftly to short-term developments and design changes.

Process Improvement with I4.0

One-stop shop solutions from one supplier: continuous support for every single project from the very beginning in order to create customized machine concepts which can be integrated into customer structures (MES systems). Industry 4.0 is more than just a buzzword, it has been an integral part of every production line for years.

Retrofit – New for Old

We provide support for our machines throughout their entire lifetime. Mechanical and control system upgrades ensure that the machines are always state-of-the-art. This way, new investments can be significantly reduced and the machines can be integrated into the latest I4.0 assembly lines.



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