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TraXon DynamicPerform > Multidisk clutch

DynamicPerform multidisk clutch in comparison with Perform single disk clutch
DynamicPeform module
The new DynamicPerform multidisk clutch allows mobile cranes and special vehicles to maneuver with almost no wear even under high friction loads.

Designed to meet the highest requirements

DynamicPerform, the new clutch module that pairs with the successful TraXon automatic transmission, is perfectly suited for special vehicles and mobile cranes with three to five axles. Designed as a wet starting clutch for heavy vehicles, DynamicPerform transfers the engine output through the multidisk clutch integrated into the module. The clutch disks are cooled by continuous circulating oil, which protects the clutch system from overheating.


  • Wet multidisk clutch ensures durable, wear-free maneuvering
  • Maximum availability of mobile cranes and special vehicles on construction site
  • Cooling oil circuit prevents the clutch from overheating and downtime
  • Fast cooling after use
  • High-power DynaDamp vibration damper protects entire driveline
  • Low lifecycle costs due to long service interval and long life time