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CeTrax > Electrical Central Drive

Easy integration into existing vehicle platforms thanks to the Plug-and-Drive approach.
The CeTrax electric central drive in a terminal tractor

System Expertise for Electrically Driven Vehicles

The CeTrax electric central drive can be integrated simply into vehicle designs with a conventional driveline layout and is suitable for a variety of special vehicles such as terminal tractors, light crane vehicles or municipal vehicles. The ZF system with inverter and electronic control unit with proprietary ZF software provides vehicle manufacturers with a system package that is designed for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Perfectly harmonized system for best performance, efficiency and service life – from a single source
  • Easy integration into existing vehicle platforms
  • Fully electric, low-noise and emission-free driving
  • High reliability and safety by using volume production components
  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio of the system (1,1 kW/kg)
  • High peak and continuous power through water/oil cooling
  • Suitable for types of special vehicles up to 90 tons