ZF Repowering for the environment and the economy

Repowering – Q&A

What is a repower?

Repowering means to remove outdated transmissions from existing diesel multiple units replacing them with modern, more cost-effective and economic driveline components. ZF’s Repowering solutions aim at reducing fuel consumption, thus life cycle costs as well as at extending the service life of the rail vehicles.

Repowering can be done with almost all DMU trains.

Reduced life cycle costs Optimized maintenance intervall Better fuel consumption Reduced harmful exhaust emissions Reduced train weight
Why consider a repower?
What are the main advantages?
  • Reduced life cycle costs
    • Lower fuel costs
    • Lower oil consumption
    • Better maintenance intervalls (reduced preventive and corrective maintenance)
  • Extended service life of rail vehicles
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced costs when using the track infrastructure due to lower weight
How does it affect the weight of the vehicle?
  • It reduces the weight of the train and consequential load to suspension components.
In which rail vehicles can I do a repower?
  • Repowering can be done with almost all DMU trains, the business-case is driven by specific customer targets.
What to consider when planning a repower project?
Integration Design & Development ZF Hardware Workshop
Calculations & Modelling Frames & Brackets Manpower
Testing, Approvals & Certificates Electric Harness & Cooler Lines Special Equipment
Train Control Hardware & Software

Latest innovation

ZF Products for Repowering


ZF’s most recent development, the six-speed powershift transmission ZF EcoWorld, features an integrated reversing function. The transmission achieves maximum efficiency and is equipped with a powerful torque converter and highly efficient retarder. Is currently delivered to MTU for Irish Rail and Porterbrook Leasing.

EcoLife Rail

Significant fuel savings, a longer service life, and optimum shift comfort – those are the advantages of the powershift transmission ZF-EcoLife Rail. Has never been used for Repowering projects.

Ecomat WWG

With its high-performance Ecomat Rail automatic reversing transmission, ZF offers the highest level of cost-effectiveness, shift comfort, safety and service life. Compatibility with older generations of engines offers high flexibility.For Ecomat WWG repower the train is operating out of Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

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ZF-EcoWorld for Repowering project in Ireland

On a joint mission to cut emissions

The new EcoWorld six-speed transmission system by ZF is installed into MTU PowerPacks. For a Repower project, Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail, the Republic of Ireland's state railroad, has ordered three of the completely integrated drive systems for their diesel-powered 22000 Class Intercity train. This train has recently entered passenger service.

Project Manager at Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail Stephen Campbell explains: “We hope to achieve fuel savings and thus carbon emissions reductions of 20% compared to the previous version of the drive systems. This is a significant contribution to the Irish Government’s Project Ireland 2040 development plan.“