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Smart Typeplate > the intelligent typeplate

The Smart Typeplate with integrated RFID chip
With the digital information carrier Smart Typeplate all gearbox data can be read digitally.
Efficient fleet management thanks to Smart Typeplate

Digitalization of the maintenance log

The Smart Typeplate completes the original typeplate with RFID technology. Therefore ZF integrates a RFID chip with a unique identification number into the original typeplate for the products. Product data (type designation, material number and technical details) can be accessed via this RFID chip. Additionally the actual operating hours for the components can be determined. As a digital identification element the Smart Typeplate enables an efficient fleet management.


  • Seamless, unequivocal detection of the components
  • Automated, flawless identification without directly visible contact
  • Optimal integration of RFID chip into typeplate
  • Robust design
  • Paperless online documentation is accessible from anywhere
  • Fast availability of service information