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Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters

Unmatched maneuverability and bollard pull

Key Facts

Full power

From 100 to 2,500 kilowatts

Space saving design

Low build in, due to compact thruster design

Green propulsion

Hybrid and suited for biodegradable oil (optional)

Smart Propulsion

Condition Monitoring System ZF ProVID

What can Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters provide?

Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters combine propulsion and steering in one propulsion package. The Well Mounted Azimuth Thruster of ZF is a rudder propeller with excellent maneuverability and is considered a best seller for all types of commercial vessels. The propulsion system can be optimized for speed or bollard pull. The thruster can be delivered in a performance range of 100-2,500 kW. The thruster can be found in high performance application.


All ZF Azimuth Thrusters are developed and produced in-house and thus, can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. The following summary is just a small selection of the standard features of the ZF thrusters. For more details or questions please contact our experts.
  • Available as Z- or L-drive
  • Drive Options
    • Diesel engine, using upper gearbox and wet or dry operated clutch (Z-drive)
    • Electric motor, both horizontal (Z-drive) and vertical (L-drive)
    • Hydraulic motor (L-drive)
    • Hybrid (see also optional features)
  • Possible Mounting configurations
    • Well mounted from top
    • Well mounted from bottom
    • Weld-in
  • Well shape and height can be chosen to best suit the vessel design
    • Round
    • Rectangular
    • Hexagonal
  • Depth adjustment of the propeller can be controlled for various water depths
  • Steeing of the thruster
    • Electric or hydraulic steering
  • Propeller
    • Open type fixed pitch propeller > optional clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW)
    • Fixed pitch propeller with nozzle > CW and CCW possibilities
      • GS Nozzle > optimized for speed
      • GT Nozzle > optimized for thrust
      • Optionally with a nozzle grid
  • Control system ThrusterCommand is integral part of the propulsion system
  • Certified by all major classification societies

Optional features

ZF Azimuth Thrusters can be executed with the following features:
Hybrid: The new AT series can be executed as a hybrid system. An E-motor can be installed in addition to the main (diesel) engine.
  • Less engine power needed during vessel operation
  • Full electric sailing
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) and slow cruising in electric mode possible
  • FiFi mode (engine drives FiFi pump and E-motors drives thrusters). No CPP required
Condition Monitoring System ZF ProVID: An intelligent diagnostic system for the safety and operational excellence of your vessels.
  • Monitoring of bearings, gears and oil quality with the aim of reducing operating costs by reducing chemical analyses of oil and oil changes as well as by early detection of potential failures
  • Condition based service - Predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Detects changes in the performance of the components early on regarding lifetime, efficiency and detection of pollution
  • Maximizes vessel operation time
  • Lower operating costs
  • Support from ZF experts worldwide
  • 24/7 access to the collected data
AutoTroll: provides trolling while diesel running at idle speed (max. 730 rpm). The system allows operators to increase or reduce transmission slip to match the exact amount of thrust required during low-speed operation, for extended periods, without risking damage to the transmission.
Typical additions are:
  • Slow speed cruising in ports, canals, locks or nature reserves
  • Slow speed cruising while measuring tasks or patrolling
  • Maneuvering in harbours and moorings
  • Careful docking or position keeping
  • Towing small boats
Seal Arrangement: Each ZF thruster is standard equipped with an extremely reliable seal arrangement. In case the rules and regulations require special environmental protection, the thruster can be executed with a special seal arrangement for biodegradable oil (EAL) with active pressure on the seals in order to compensate water pressure.
The seal arrangement, in combination with mineral oil as main lubrication, achieves cost savings of approximately 75% in comparision to a thruster completely filled with biodegrable oil.
Power Take Off (PTO): Upon customer request, a PTO can be available at the integrated clutch. This PTO can i.e. be used as an auxiliary pump. The connection is standard covered when PTO is not applied.
Brake: A brake can be supplied to lock the propeller driveline.

Product Configurator

Here you can find technical information to define the product best suited to your application with the Marine Product Selection Guide.

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Condition Monitoring System ProVID for Thruster Systems


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