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Condition Monitoring System ZF ProVID for Thruster

Optimized ship operation thanks to predictive maintenance

Key Facts

Early detection

Of changes in the performance of components

Scheduled service

Enables less downtime and lower operating costs

Operating time

Maximize vessel's operation time

What can Condition Monitoring System ZF ProVID for Thruster provide?

The Condition Monitoring System ZF ProVID for marine propulsion systems increases operational reliability by monitoring the performance and the overall condition of the core components in thrusters. The intelligent CMS ZF ProVID shows how efficiency, reliability and safety on board can be further increased thanks to integrated sensors and advanced data analysis tools.


Thanks to the use of sensors and diagnostic tools, information about components of the propulsion system can be collected.
Condition Monitoring System ZF ProVID provides data on the status of:
  • Gears in upper and lower gearboxes
  • Propeller balance
  • Balance of internal shafts
  • Temperature
  • Saturation level of oil
  • Contamination by conductive material
The monitoring of oil regarding to conductive particles and water content can optionally be integrated into the CMS ZF ProVID. With the help of the ZF ProVID processor, data is collected, saved, and transmitted to the ZF data analysis center through a cloud-based solution.The collected data is analyzed, evaluated and transformed into a dashboard using algorithms specially developed by ZF. Operators can then identify at an early stage which components may need to be serviced or replaced.Our team of experts provides timely information about irregularities and plans the next steps together with ship operators and ship owners.Because repairs can be planned in advance and not just in response to exceptional situations, downtimes and maintenance times can be shortened, failures can be avoided, and the lifetime of the monitored systems and components can be extended.



CMS ProVID for Thruster Systems


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