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MarineApplicationsCommercial Vessels

ZF in Commercial Vessels

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ZF in Commercial Vessels

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ZF in Commercial Vessels

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ZF in Commercial Vessels

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MarineApplicationsCommercial Vessels

ZF in Commercial Vessels

Product Portfolio



ZF provides a complete range of transmission, specially designed to meet the requirements of commercial vessels, whether they are passenger ships, crew boats or other commercial vessels.

ZF offers a wide range of lightweight transmissions with high torque transmission in the power range from 10 to 12,000 kW especially for use in ferries and crew boats, where high speeds are required, but the drive must be comfortable, safe, and cost-effective at the same time. The compact, high-performance transmissions are available in numerous ratios and are perfectly matched to today's medium- and high-speed diesel engines.

Transmissions fast craft

A workhorse such as a tugboat, dredgers or freight carriers on the other hand requires robust transmissions which ZF has in its portfolio with a maximum ratio of 14:1. The drives are not only powerful and reliable, but also allow precise maneuverability.

The drives are extremely torsion-resistant and have a very robust transmission housing. ZF offers a number of transmission mounted PTOs for commercial applications so that additional propulsion power can be transferred to other units, such as fire pumps. Additional drives, such as electric motors, can be integrated with the aid of various Power Take In’s (PTI).

Transmission ZF-17200

The ToughGear series represents a selected group of transmissions, designed and built for the use under toughest conditions.

The heavy duty transmissions with cast iron housing and deep ratios for all types of vessels from tugs to tankers, fishing boats to factory ships. These transmissions can be matched to all types of ICE (internal combustion engines) up to 12.000 kW power. Several accessories like PTOs and PTIs are available as well as a “get home” capability and either manual or automatic trolling for slow-speed operation.


The transmission portfolio is completed with hybrid transmissions for installation in medium and large vessels. The hybrid transmissions of ZF are characterized by maximum efficiency, maximum reliability and flexibility that helps to reduce the fuel consumption and lower the operating costs.

Variants of both the ToughGear series and fast craft transmissions feature optional Power Take-In (PTI) drives with various gear ratios.

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ZF offers a comprehensive range of azimuth and tunnel thruster solutions for commercial vessels. A power range from 100 kW to 2,000 kW can be matched with either diesel, electric or hydraulic prime movers.

The modular design of the rudder propellers enables a high degree of adaptability to customer requirements. For example, the thrusters can be equipped with an open propeller, counter rotating propellers or with a nozzle.

Whether L- or Z-drive, the 360° steerable rudder propeller systems offer maximum maneuverability and full operating comfort.

Each thruster is typically equipped with a control system that enables both steering and propulsion control of the ship.

The product portfolio includes:

  • 360° steerable thrusters in various variants
  • Transverse thrusters with fixed pitch and controllable pitch
  • Thruster for shallow waters
ZF-Thruster Portfolio
Control System

Control System

Reliable, responsive control systems for both mechanical and electronic applications are an essential element of ZF propulsion systems. They are designed to smoothly interface with most engine options and our complete transmissions range, either for passenger vessels or very heavy commercial applications

The propulsion control systems are at the leading edge of electronics technology and comply with highest classification standards. The products incorporate well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, easy operation and maintenance. A wide range of systems means optimum equipment can be chosen to specifically match the type of commercial vessel or propulsion configuration – single engine, multi-engine or multi-station

ZF ControlSystems
Fixed Pitch Propeller and Shaftline

Fixed Pitch Propeller and Shaftline

Commercial propellers from ZF are designed to meet the rigours of medium and continuous duty work applications. ZF offers a wide range of options for commercial applicationsiin nickel aluminium bronze, manganese bronze or stainless steel material - it’s all about getting the work done. In addition to standard and commercial thickness options, ZF offers DuraEdge, which increases prop thickness at the tip of the blade. DuraEdge also offers increased durability and longevity for continuous duty applications.

Propeller Portfolio

ZF design strategy is a holistic approach to the propulsion system. We don’t only make propellers, we analyse entire propulsion system of each boat starting from hull resistance prediction and hull propulsive factors. We select most efficient gear ratio, recommend changes if needed and analyse flow in every point under the hull using the most advanced CFD tools developed specifically to our requirements. This approach gives us the widest picture of possibilities we can use to run your boat more efficiently, quietly and fast or to any other specific, most demanding requirements


Product Highlights

Hybrid Module

Simplifies electrification of new and existing ship designs.

ToughGear Series

Designed and built for the use under toughest conditions.

ZF Contra Rotation Azimuth Thruster

Particularly quiet and efficient with full driving comfort.

ZF AT 80/ Hybrid

Unmatched maneuverability and bollard pull. Also available as a hybrid version.


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