Trade Fairs 2020

ConExpo Las Vegas, 10. -14.03.2020 - ZF Gearboxes for Mining

The future of construction

ZF Gearboxes for Mining Applications and Large Construction Machines

ZF booth S580113 South Hall

ZF is efficiency

ZF Industrieantriebe Witten GmbH, previously Lohmann + Stolterfoht GmbH, is one of the leading market players for planetary gears for large construction machinery and mining applications for over 40 years now.
This year, we proudly present the next generation of Drive Gearboxes: the new series GPT4F. In close co-operation with the ZF R&D network, major efficiency increases have been achieved.

GPT4F efficiency upgrade:
• Up to 20% load increase
• Coordinated ramp-up phase
• 1:1 interchangeability with current GPT portfolio
• Spare parts supply for existing portfolio is ensured
• Prepared for variable motor solutions
• Local production plant concept

Customer benefits:
In addition to expanded application options on the construction site, the new gearbox series will show considerable energy savings as well as increased reliability and service life – and thus a reduction of total costs over the complete gearbox lifetime.

ZF is Efficiency

ZF is Efficiency

Solids Dortmund, 24.- 25.06. 2020 - ZF Gearboxes for Recycling and Environment

ZF Industrial Gearboxes for environmental and recycling applications

New Generation Industrial Gearboxes Redulus4F

The latest generation of ZF industrial gearboxes is based on a newly designed modular system which enables a significant increase in power density of up to 40% compared with the previous industrial series gearboxes. Flexible adaptations for customer-specific motor connections as well as further innovative solutions such as hydraulically shiftable transmissions and infinitely variable speed regulation emphasize the innovative power of ZF IndustrieantriebeWittenGmbH.

Improve your TCO balance

Enhanced output torques and torque peaks of up to 2-times of the rated torques lead to higher efficiency as well as to increased resilience and load bearing capacity. A total range of output torques ranging from 100 to 6,000 kNm and over 20 sizes with a transmission range from 25 to 1,500 are available.

The new industrial range permits higher torques, compared to the old series gearboxes, and offers an enhanced flexibility of motor connections. In addition, newly developed installation-sizes round off the available product portfolio.

MINEXPO Las Vegas, 28. - 30.09.2020 - ZF Gearboxes for Mining
American Mining Congress & Mining Exhibition

ZF Gearboxes for mining applications

BAUMA Shanghai, 24. - 27.11.2020 - ZF Gearboxes for Construction Machines
Focus: Construction

ZF gearboxes for construction machines

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