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ZF Duoplan 2K TSC (Through-Spindle-Cooling)
ZF Duoplan 2K 800
ZF Duoplan 2K 450 - 600
ZF Duoplan 2K 250 standard
ZF Duoplan 2K 120 inline
ZF Duoplan with clamping hub (2K120 / 250 / 300)

Two-Speed Gearbox for Machine Tools

Today, a machine tool must be universally applicable in order to process different materials. The ZF Duoplan manual gearboxes live up to these demands. The ZF Duoplan two-speed gearbox is mainly used in machine tool main-spindle drives, test-benches and applications where high torque is needed. By way of example, the gearbox can be used in turning machines (horizontal B3/B5), machining centers (vertical V1/V3) thanks to its variable installation position.


  • Designed to be universal and flexible
  • Direct mounting to spindle (Inline and TSC)
  • Constant cutting power, remains available across a wide speed range
  • Speeds can be multiplied by adding another ratio
  • High accuracy due to grinded, high-precision interlocking
  • Low circumferential backlash
  • Very high efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy assembly
  • Extremely long service life
  • Special solutions are available on request

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