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ZF´s Electrified Trailer Solution

The Efficiency Boost for Every Truck

ZF`s trailer electrification technology helps to make driving more efficient for all heavy trucks – no matter which type of powertrain they use. Diesel trucks can be transformed into hybrid vehicles; electric trucks (whether battery- or fuel cell-powered) can be given an additional drive. This unique solution can be made possible by integrating ZF´s AxTrax 2 electric axle plus a battery system box with battery modules and battery management in the trailer. This allows braking energy to be recuperated, and the recovered power can support traction and ease the workload of the primary engine in the truck. This alone can reduce fuel consumption and emissions of a diesel truck by up to 16 percent. Through an optional plug-in version, these savings could even rise to 40 percent. Trucks that already have a purely electric drive (BEV or Fuel Cell) can use the additional electric drive on the trailer as a zero-emissions range extender.
With its trailer electrification solution ZF provides a key technology for trailer builders and fleets to meet upcoming local decarbonization legislations.
There are even more benefits once the system is approved for road use: The additional e-Motor / e-Drive offers much more besides recuperation, fuel and emissions savings and range extension. It makes truck drivers' everyday lives easier and transportation more efficient:
  • Drive-Off-Support: 80% more traction force on slippery ground
  • Traction Boost: improved acceleration time by up to 50% which is particularly helpful when merging onto the highway or overtaking
  • Up-Hill-Support
  • Up to 60% recuperation minimizes brake energy heat waste and brake particle emissions
  • Supports electric power take-off systems to supply reefers and other external electric auxiliaries
16 %
fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction
for basic variant with ICE truck; up to 40% CO2 emissions savings for plug-in variant with ICE truck (based on 80,000 km regional delivery annual mileage)

“Plug-and-Play” Solution

A simplified approach to installation frees OEM from complex integration efforts.

electrification solution for trailers
Battery system box
Trailer EBS Integration
Battery system box

Battery system box

Integrates components such as high-voltage battery modules, cooling system and DC/DC converter.

ZF electric motor


ZF’s in-house developed AxTrax 2 with up to 210 kW power for sufficient traction support.

Stator of an ZF electric motor with Braided Winding Technology
Trailer EBS Integration

Trailer EBS Integration

ZF holistically controls the braking, stability and e-traction management and connects the eTrailer with the truck via CAN interface.