Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Next Generation of ZF’s Most Advanced Autonomous Emergency Braking System

Key Facts

Road Safety

Helps protect driver and other road users

Driver Support

Offers an advanced set of value-adding functionalities

Premium Performance

Advanced object detection and classification

What can OnGuardMAX provide?

Specifically designed for commercial vehicles, this technology can identify and react precisely to a broad range of objects including stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians ahead. Furthermore, this new generation integrates with the vehicle’s advanced braking system and adaptive steering system enabling L2 Highway Assist, a function which integrates longitudinal and lateral control to increase driver comfort and safety.


Customer Benefits

  • Advanced object detection and classification allows for outstanding reliability and premium performance
  • Supports the driver with warning and up to full braking to help avoid fatal accidents with various objects ahead
  • Helps to avoid fatalities, injuries and accident-related costs
  • Helps to optimize vehicle uptime
  • Improves driver effectiveness across all levels of experience
  • Supports driver acceptance based on premium system performance to help overcome driver shortage
  • Aims to comply with related safety legislations (GSR)

Features & Capabilities

  • Relies on data integration of 77GHz radar with speed-dependent adaptive triple-mode beam and a dual lens camera with up to 150° field-of-view
  • Integrates Lane Departure Warning which can be upgraded to Lane Keep Assist and Continuous Lane Keeping with applicable steering system
  • Features high-precision Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) including Stop & Go
  • Offers a L2 Highway Assist integrating longitudinal and lateral control
  • Offers further value-adding functions such as Intelligent Speed Assist, High Beam Assist, and Event Data Recorder
  • Designed to comply with latest legislative cyber security requirements (GSR II)


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